Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Relationship Statuses and Wal*Mart (Part One)

It seems to be a groundbreaking issue when someone changes their relationship status or, for that matter, anything else on Facebook. GET OVER IT AMERICA, Facebook isn't gospel. The most obnoxious comments come from the people that have 30 people listed as their sibling. I drew the line at calling Clay my "Romanian Cousin" there. To a certain degree, that holds truth. That is a short story, but I won't put that here....

The reason, I guess, that I decided to title this the way it is, is that the past 72 hours really accomplished a lot... I got a major portion of my research regarding the CarLynTon project, and I now have a job as a docent there on Saturdays... and I suggest no one ask for me directly, as I won't start for a while.

I also add this post for the reason of probably the first Project 559 production: Wal*Mart. I think that as a whole, the company needs to be shut down. The man at the Electronics Dept. didn't even ask me if I wanted to keep my Gift card. He just tossed it away like day old banana peel. I was overall offended. Next, the guy charged me about $14 for a few audio adapters! Wing-chow, the usual suspect. "Designed in the US, and Manufactured in China" my left foot! The rest of the trauma will be posted later... besides, the Star in Wal*Mart doesn't need to be a star, it should really be a dot or dash. They aren't all American like originally, or so I am told (It's been Chinese since I was little)!

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Back to Journalism

Quite frankly, I haven't written anything regarding journalism for about two years. That was the Web Gazette, and that was probably the defining moment of where I am now. I reversed roles, from being the editor to the writer. I decided, since it won't be reproduced, to present to you my whack at it:

PITTSBURGH, PA ,--- On December 9, selected CHS 7th and 8th graders enjoyed the opportunity to go to the Consol Energy Center to watch the Penguins Open Practice. The event featured appearances by star Pens including Sydney Crosby and Marc-Andre Fleury. Eighth-grader Samantha Y said that she “enjoyed seeing the Penguins players… I thought [the Consol Center] was nice. Not elegant, but nice.”
The Consol Energy Center is the Penguins new state-of-the-art arena which easily held the more than 10,000 students from the area in attendance. Eighth-grader Samantha Youngblood spoke to the Cougar Chronicle about the event.
"I enjoyed seeing the Pittsburgh Penguins Players" Samantha said, "We were three rows from the ice!"
Eight grader Olivia K commented on the seats of the new arena, "They had soft and fuzzy seats," Olivia said, clearly pleased with the trip.
The students were picked based on behavior, grades, and overall positivity both in the classroom and out. Two hundred students from CHS attended the event, and got front-row seats to the Penguins drills, exercises, and of course, the running of the Zambonis.
-Alexander Popichak, Staff Writer, The Cougar Chronicle
So there, I am a journalist again. Now for the kicker... while all had two weeks to put their relatively 'fluff' articles together, I threw that not-so-hard-hitting story together in one night.

Might I also mention, yet again, that I haven't written anything like that for TWO YEARS. Thank you Carnegie Web Gazette.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Project 559, or Another PlotLine Project

The Following is an Official Announcement from Easysites Multimedia and 2015Blogger:

PlotLine is the codename of all of the videos that are to be produced in 2011. The main launch/Promo MIGHT, if I can get proper permission, will be CarLynTon. Details are WAY to early to determine, but it will be a documentary created and produced by me.

Another PlotLine Project will be a series of videos called Project 559. This will be my long-awaited Vlog Series, with a twist that only Easysites and AK Productions can bring. Yes, I am teaming up with David Wovchko in bringing a series of creative vlogs and short videos to be produced soon.

Finally, unofficially, I am announcing two things that are already in production. BBC 2 1/2 is slated to get a sequel within the next month. Also, Total Randomness is now a series, officially. Simply stated, we are going to re-format and re-produce Total Randomness with at least ONE new video by July of 2011.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Christmas Lights

"Oh, Christmas Lights, Keep Shining On!" The words to one of my favorite bands, Coldplay, 's Christmas song. Not exactly the next group version on Bing Crosby, but a good song nevertheless. The title to the song is "Christmas Lights" which is what I really wanted to blog about, not the song.

For the past few years, I have been spearheading the decorating and maintaining the outdoor decorations for the front of our house. This is a long process, and it starts in October, with Halloween. However, I will spare the time, and explain the process of Christmas.

What eventually happens is that I start sketching general outlines of my house, and start with the basics: electrical laying. Keep in mind, my father and mother DO NOT ALLOW me to start ANYTHING until the day after Thanksgiving. This year, I started what is outside now the Saturday after Thanksgiving.

What's Lighted, What's Not (as of 12/4/2010)
Then I lay what needs to be out, or what is "required" that includes my father's "Snoopy on a doghouse" and the haybale, courtesy of Halloween leftovers. From there, I add and subtract what I need, and decide what needs thrown away.

As for the inside, you would think I would go all out in my bedroom, right?I have the following: one sting of garland. It drapes over my dry-erase board, and the multipurpose board. And a string and one half over my pinewood plaques and shelf.

Back to that song. I decided to put it at the top of the website. Click Play if you wish, right under the logo.

Questions, I like that! Post in the comments, or just comment.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

My Views

I have tried posting for a while, and I have deleted each terrible idea. Hopefully, I decide to keep this one.

I took a whirlwind tour of Oakland's various churches/temples I was at: a Jewish synagogue, a Presbyterian church, a Byzantine-rite Catholic church, an Episcopalian church, a Roman Catholic church, a Lutheran church, a Scientist church (NOT scientology, that is different!), a Latter-Day Saints church, a Greek Or...thodox church, and a non-denominational church. Nine hours, ten houses of worship.

I learned a few things. At the time, I felt relatively comfortable everywhere I went except for at the Scientist and LDS church. I couldn't immediately put my finger on it, but it hit me today why, and how I am comfortable with it now.

What I guess confused me was with the LDS church how they have prophets and apostles on earth now. My very incompetent mind wasn't able to make the connection --- to a certain degree, this is the same as the Catholic Faith, just with different names and uses. I may be wrong, but Cardinals are much like the LDS Apostles, as the Pope is much like the Prophet in the LDS church. I finally got my mind wrapped around the concept, and understood finally what I had been confused about.

Back to the Scientist church. What confused me was how they related science to the Bible. I also was confused with how they are a religion rather than a thought movement, much like the Tea Party and the Republican Party. I understood that science was how they explained biblical events, and how they interpreted ideas. I still don't understand how they are a religion. 

Ok, here's what I should have started with:
I am an Orthodox Christian, and I am of no voting party, as I can't vote. I believe in the values of the scout law, and try to live by them. I believe what I believe. I respect all, and are a friend to most. 

I wish not to talk about politics or religion, and this will be one of the last posts that I talk about religion. Have a question? Post it into the comments.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Natalie is one of those characters that cannot be described. She is a person that, much like me, has a blog (although not that impressive). On this blog, she has started a series called Carlynton Is Crazy which is basically a knock-off of my series: The Chronicles of Jr. High: The Marine, Gym Class and Some Randomness. I take it as a compliment, and at the same time an insult. You see, Natalie is one of the people that. for no apparent reason, everything she says annoys me. It's not that she is a bad person, she just plain old gets on my nerves.

Now onto my blog. I have recently added a new "legal" page to the top bar. This was put in place at the advice of my legal adviser. This is an effort to have further 'incidents' regarding this blog stopped. So, that's admin stuff.

Gym Class:
Ok, much like Ms. Thomas, I wish to also rant about gym class. So, to save me the grief, I will copy-paste her words, and add my own comments. <Source: >

So today we had gym. It was Fitness Day! Basically we all get numbers (1-7) and are told to go to different 'Fitness Stations' according to the number. Obviously people get their numbers and then ignore them and go with friends, as with any non-surprise of the teenage world.

Pull Ups: I failed. Hah. This can't come as much of a surprise to my blog readers, for I am much out-of-shape, and a failure to humanity as a whole.
Step Ups: Ok, this is a pointless event. You step up onto a bleacher, and then back onto the floor.
Jump Rope: I once again failed, as Clay made a mockery of me, without a surprise
Planks: You are supposed to lay flat then hold yourself up with your arms in an awkward position. Pointless. Painful.
Push Ups: This might be the only 'normal event' of the whole day.
Wall Sits: I don't know why Ms. Thomas omitted this portion, I guess she just forgot. Anyway, you basically lean on a wall, and keep your feet in a sitting position. Greg made the comment that 'this is the one thing that I could do all day!' which basically means that he mastered the art of weight distribution.

I want to talk next about 'nerd-con' as Natalie called it, but I will call it by its real name (SciTech). Thanks a lot Natalie. We are all reading, and we are a captive audience.

Monday, November 1, 2010

A Change of Wind

To often, I rant and ramble about things that are either wrong or a shortcoming. Today, I want to discuss two shortcomings that now have a better ending. That's enough of an intro, right?

It was Wednesday, and I had just finished a week of reading a book that quite frankly didn't make that much sense to me. Anyway, I took the AR test, or essentially the did-you-really-read-this-book-test test. Well, I decided to pick one of the computers that are spastic. Needless to say, I bombed the test, for anywhere I clicked, it would take the answer closest to cursor and submit immediately.
To add to the madness, the one teacher that could tell me how to handle getting the AR points I needed was out for the day. So, I went with plan B, on a different computer, and it worked.

The next story starts that day after school. I used to LOVE going to Damon's grill for their shrimp. I mean, this place was awesome. It had TV's, a bar, in-restaurant gameshows, and so much more. They closed a year ago, and I was sad.
After a re-organization, they re-opened, and all is wonderful, right??? Wrong. The one thing that was off of their menu was that greatest-shrimp-in-the-world. Needless to say, I made the subtle comment to the waitress, and ordered something else. Then comes over another waitress. She says that the cook said that he can make shrimp for me, because I came there just for that. So, next time you are at Damon's in Robinson, ask for the fried shrimp, maybe we can start a revolution or something!

So there, I decided to write something nice. I have started a notebook for just the purpose of blogging. Once a week, I shall write something from there. I feel bad that I don't have the time to write as much as I want to.

Sunday, October 31, 2010


I decided to even out the blog posts currently on here. As of today, this post that you are reading is #70! Anyway, I was passing out candy to small children. After a while, I got bored between people, so I started tallying them up.

This was another "Social Experiment" because the news always says what kids will be wearing... and I decided to prove, at least wrong!

K.O. Said:
-AVATAR (James Cameron) is popular
  • True Blood
  • Twilight’s Edward and Bella
  • Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland
  • Jersey Shore’s Snooki (SERIOUSLY!!!! COME ON!)
  • Harry Potter and the gang
  • The Office
  • Toy Story 3
  • Super Mario and Luigi
  • Batman
  • Super-Man
  • Darth Vader
 Well, Here are some of the actual popular costumes (2+ people, or unique)
  • Witch (9)
  • Princess(4)
  • Spiderman (3)
  • Pirate(2)
  • The Incredible Hulk (2)
  • Thing 1 or 2 (1 each)
  • Dinosaur (2)
      I just plain liked these:
  • Military Dude
  • Fat Guy
  • Horseman from some Apocalypse movie
  • Ski-Masked Sombrero-Wearing Low-Budget Ninja (ok, that was me...)
I did, mind you, see Batman, Superman, Luigi, and Lady Gaga. However, to my pleasure, I didn't see SNOOKI or Twilight or any of that whole TEAM Jacob or TEAM Edward crap.

That ends Halloween, and now onto Thanksgiving and Christmas!

An After Note: I didn't see many people that I knew... I didn't see Clay or Andrew or Jeff, but I did see my friend's cousin Ivan!

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Polio, CarLynTon, Halloween, and other stuff

Please note: this post will be written over a period of time!

I'd like to thank all of you for your continued support with everything. My blog is a mishmash of me ranting abou everyday things. My next question: Why must High School come with some much drama?

I was recently approached by my pretty good friend about a video contest. It is concerning Polio, and how it affected life as we know it. I am going into this as my first real video project. I am going to start over. That DnC Show was a great concept, the JSVH a great temporary success, and Total Randomness: COME ON! I only have so many blooper reels. So, with my good friend, I am going into this. I prefer not to talk about it, but I can give only some information. However, I am going to have people with music, stories, and a not-so-professional writer!

Halloween. One of my least favorite holidays. Sure, I put on that whole, "I love Halloween" act. Honestly, it is the one day out of the year where people are given an excuse to act something that they aren't. So, you are telling me that you want to portray SNOOKIE or something like FREDDY CROUTON! Anyway, people, myself included, act like something that they are not all of the time. I can quite frankly be schizophrenic... angry at one point, and break down laughing the next.

CarLynTon: a story of how things became what they are today. My next great project, and the one that may have any potential this year. Yes, I contemplated going onto the "BBC 2 1/2 Forever" mode, but that is just illogical. Much like Disney, I can only hold onto an audience for long. Well, more details to come.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Desktop Rants and Raves

Lately, all I have been doing is ranting about my life quite cryptically. I realize that I have shortcomings, and messups, as I am only human.

Every day, and at least once an hour, I get an idea to write here. My ideas are normally ranting, political, whining, or fiction. I normally forget this almost immediately.

On the off chance that the fiction gets retained, I will file it under my new and currently being tested category "Creative Writings." 90% of the time, it will involve a more exciting variation of either me or one of those around me. Don't expect an explanation, for this is all that I will give. Cryptic, and at the same time, not-so-hard to crack.

This was a short rant, but it is desktop material.

The Man with the White Bag

In the alley, it seemed out of nowhere, appeared the pudgy man with the denim. He was wearing a jean-jacket and jeans as it was the average October day. He was quick in his manner, and seemed to passersby to be in somewhat of a hurry.

He preferred the alleyways and sidestreets to deal with the deed and the task presented. He carried protectively the peculiar white garbage bag, not tied at the top. As he walked, he was careful his purpose to be known.

Up the street he went, passing a dog by a golf course, and the quickly-setting sun over the horizon of his final destination. He launched the bag into the trailer. His deed was done.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

It Appears That There is a Problem

It turns out that there are people who actually read this blog. There was a recent comment on my Facebook page. It was mentioned that I don't post here, to the naysayer (Natalie), I say, I will post as I feel like and think of stuff!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

I Find The World To Be A Confusing Place

Every time I go on a rant or story about the Boy Scouts, I get immediately put back in my place. They tell me "What if I don't care about your stupid adventures with the boy scouts.... because I don't want to hear about it!" What I do find interesting is that as not being a member of the band, I am constantly bombarded with rants and rambles about the band. Personally, I don't care about them, but I listen politely. Why can't someone, anyone listen for twelve seconds, nod their head, and just listen.

I realize that I was put on this Earth to listen, and to try and understand. I have also learned that I am to understand, not too be understood. Now that I have that out of my system, I will now rant about more crap that no one cares about!  

Campaganza 2010: Over the weekend of the 24th of September, there was an event that at least I will be talking about for years.
I am currently working on a video project to document that... three days of scouting, camping, and bad puns.

Today, I went on a hike through the Slippery Rock Creek Gorge. Six miles, and there was nothing to do but think, and try not slipping into the creek. It was great, and there was nothing to think about... I had a great time. If you ever get a chance, go there!

Well, I feel like in that movie "UP" with the whole "squirrel" thing... but that's it for now...

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Ranting about nothing

I haven't written here for a while. It has gotten to the point that I no longer rant here, but to my closest people. The ones I idolize and find the most in common with. You see, life is a funny thing. We think something is worth chasing, and once you get there, it turns out to be just another jersey barrier in the interstate of life.
I have also realized that this whole "drama" thing just plain is annoying. I am tired of hearing problems that I can't do anything about. Why can't we focus on something we can change? Sure, we talk big, but when it comes down to pitching the tent, no one is there to extend a helping hand. The world we live in today just doesn't have people willing to help with the simplest of tasks.
I had the opportunity to go for a weekend long trip to discover the (in my opinion) greatest organization on the planet: the Boy Scouts. Sadly, even there we see the loss of manners, and that golden hand.
So, my message to you is do something nice. Extend that helping hand to someone—anyone. Friends, family. Just do something nice. Make the world a better place for someone else....

Monday, September 6, 2010

The Point of the Business Name

Quite frankly, if you look around, you see a million company names. All different, all unique. I read the local paper one day (a rare occurrence) and saw an article about technology company names. The overall theme was that, there is no real rhyme or reason as to what names are made up of.

Take Google for example. It is just a rip-off of the number Gogol. Granted, it is catchy, but still, what is the point? There isn't one.

Now, most websites are using a period after their names. Until this stops, I am putting one on the end of my site's header. There was, of course the whole "i" phase, and the "e" idea. Both of those were before my time. Anyway, that is just one protest against humanity, or at least the business end.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Interesting Day

Ok, this will be a long post, and most of it boring to the average Joe (I don't care if your name is Steve, or Bob).

Let me start at the beginning. I get to my bus stop and I see among Luke and Jeff, two seventh graders. Both I have known, and both were in/are in scouts. I say hi, and the bus appears like magic.

We get to Raphy's stop, and she passes up my seat. This isn't normal, but I don't think much of it, for she is Raphy.

I eventually get to school, and who do I see first but Adrian. I have had a locker two down from this guy for about two years, but today was the day that I decided to forget his name. We simply say hi, and are on our way to first period.

I am the first into the locker room, and I put my stuff into my locker like normal. Next to walk in was Donovan. I have known Donovan for, well, forever. He decides to hand me his chocolate bars for safe keeping in my locker.

Fast-forward to gym. The teachers inform us that first, you were to have had changed before the bell. He later informs us that we will be jogging a total of three-quarters of a mile. Our target:get it under seven minutes. Again, I say total. Now if there is one class I hate the subject matter, that would be it. I can play dodge ball as well as the next guy, but I can't do track or field worth crap. Anyway, I get to the finish line six seconds after the target time! That ticked me off. Anyway, it goes on, and by the time I finish, I am slapping hands with people yelling FAIL!!!! I liked that part. I didn't like the kid that puked, but I liked that people slapped my hand.

Fast-Forward to HR-PD2 Switch. That was when I saw for the first time in four days Lindsey. Now, with no way to contact her, there was literally nothing I could do... but that is my personal problem... not my valiant readers'.

Fast-Forward to WC-8. I sit down next to Clay, and Natale decides to sit behind me. Then came one of her most interesting comments:
"Alex, why are you nice on Facebook, but mean in real life?"
The simple answer is that I don't know. But I do, and I won't put that here, for it will bore the readers. My teacher then, at the end of class starts to read a sheet of useless trivia. I mean, really useless (his words, not mine). He starts on this 20-minute rant, and can't stop.

Fast-Forward to Lunch. The last periods' teacher decides to hover over our teacher (yes, the Marine). That, in and of itself was creepy, but what can you do? It is interesting to solve the world's (and imaginary world's) problems. Today's topic was my family. I compared and contrasted my aunts, uncles, and cousins with those of Clay's family. I have an uncle that lives in Alaska. He has an uncle that no one is to ever see or enter his house.

Fast-Forward to part of the reason I wrote this post. This evening, I had the privilege to attend a meeting regarding something close to my heart: Campaganza 2010. Together, we unpacked, inventoried, and re-packed the troop trailer. Now if you know anything about Troop 831, you know that is a group of teenagers that try to accomplish simple tasks by "boy leadership." I'll give an example: JUST TO BACK THE SUV TO THE TRAILER, it took six guys three tries to get it to the point where it was able to be lowered onto the trailer hitch. Anyway, I ended up being the one that wrote inventory, organized who was to do what, and how. This shows that something in the leadership program is working for me. It motivates me more.

Now, keep in mind that I am only 13, keep in mind that I am only SECOND CLASS RANK. Finally, keep in mind two things: I am somewhat of a leader, and I have wasted a lot of website space!

I will probably add a second part later!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Web Design for Dummies

What I do every day isn't rocket science. People get paid hundreds of dollars to do something like the Holy Ghost Website (See the link under "Noted Works"). If you are going to be a professional company, you should have a good idea of what the heck web design and web-friendly colors are. I am talking about a company called KielyNet Web Design. If you visit their home page, you see their portfolio. Granted, my portfolio is crap (Exhibit A), but it at least has websites listed that don't look bad. KielyNet has sites listed like this:

Ok, a day after I wrote this, before I published this, I was given the following comment:
"You will have your own portfolio at the age of 13, and you are complaining about a company"

Either way, if you want my services, let me know. Just another rant.

Monday, August 9, 2010

The Anatomy of an Average Week for Me, and The Marine... Again???

Ok, I'll start by apologizing for two things: number one, the lateness of this post, and second the crappy design changes over the past week. Now, to the real part. I will start with part two of the original title of this post.

The Marine. A feature of my blog for a few weeks in 2009. Well, I get my schedule in the mail and I see fourth name down: NAME REMOVED UNTIL DECEMBER 2011Yes, the marine. The one teacher that scared me the most, yet I liked the most. So, there might be more here pending the controversy of this blog. Now, to the second part.

Most of my life, I feel like a talk show host and a director. I try to get every angle, and narrate it all in my head. What you see on the screen was what I saw, only different. My week is very crazy, and my schedule consists of long hours on a computer, school, church, and other random stuff. Here is a typical week:
  • Sunday: Church (Maybe reading, maybe serving). Boy Scout Meeting (Two Hours of Leading, pep talks, and training (for what? I don't know YET)
  • Monday: Get up at 6:30AM, and go to school. Work sound for morning announcements. Lug around 20-25 lbs of books and binders. Come home, do homework, play with LAP. Ride bike, check communications for Troop.
  • Tuesday:Get up at 6:30AM, and go to school. Go to gym, and try to make it to homeroom on time. Lug around 20-25 lbs of books and binders. Come home, do homework, play with LAP. Ride bike, check communications for Troop. Try to schedule JSVH Meeting, Try to Schedule BBC 2½ Film Session
  • Wednesday: Repeat Monday, minus LAP or bike ride
  • Thursday: Repeat Tuesday
  • Friday:Get up at 6:30AM, and go to school. Survive combined chorus. Work sound for morning announcements. Lug around 20-25 lbs of books and binders. Come home, do homework, play with LAP. Ride bike, check communications for Troop.
  • Saturday: Do whatever comes up in the past week, and maybe do a scout outing... e-mail Troop stuff (I normally forget).
I am probably the only person in my boy scout troop that can write HTML language like this: I am the only person in my class that understands the difference between HTML, CSS, and Javascript without Googling it. I am the only one in the world that understands why I write this blog... Until then,
Alex Popichak

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Artist For Hire...

Okay, so recently I have working on Re-designing websites. Project #1 was the troop website, and honestly, now, after hours of work, weeks of obsessing, it was done. In Retrospect, I should have kept it the way it was. HOWEVER, I re-designed my father's website, and it is THE BEST DESIGN I HAVE MADE MYSELF. Before, it was an unappealing array of greens and yellows. I'll give you the sneak-peak here, because no one is ever reading this. Well, Here Goes Nothing:

Ok, So It will be available soon on the website at the top of the "before" Picture( So, that explains the title of this post. If you want me to re-design your site, e-mail me at one of the many links to the left and right. Well, I guess that is it for now... (sorry, I've been busy.... ERIE, CAMP, and more are coming... Promise)

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Visits, Rants, and Behind-The-Scenes

Honestly, there isn't much put into writing a blog like this. Sign up, pick an address, and rant all you want. Anyone can do this, but not anyone can get an audience. Since late 2009, I have been tracking all of my visits across the world (See spinning globe on the right). Please click to see where people are from, and who has visited us.

In the world that we live in today, there are many ways to communicate... E-mail, Facebook, Twitter, The US Postal Service, and my new favorite... the telephone! Within the past week, I have been able to talk to my good friends Greg, Clay, and Lindsey (See my Catchup Article). I enjoy catching up with friends, and occasionally inviting them over (Clay and GREG!!!!)


Sunday, July 11, 2010

A Stalker, and Erie.

Panorama of the Sheraton and Bicentennial tower...
Those within my inner circle (and Facebook Friends!) already know that I had the opportunity to visit Erie, Pennsylvania. It was wonderful: Waldameer, The Beach, and the realization that Pittsburgh's News stations are TEN TIMES BETTER THAT ERIE'S (Shout out to Aunt Marie who works at KDKA). Anyway, I had a great time in Erie. See a picture above ^
That Second Part That I put into the Title
I put very little thought into the posts here. Most of the time, I'd write the title, body, and then realize that it is all crap, and deserves no more than to be deleted. This second part is just that.
 Natalie Thomas: Previously noted in the "Spring Queen" portion of the Catchup Article, decided that it would be funny to play a trick on me about this blog. It involved a fake blog and e-mail address, and of course, yours truly. Check it out for yourself...
Alexander Popichak

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Fourth of July and Some More Ranting...

Ok, so Carnegie just has to be crazy and have their fireworks on either the 3rd or 5th of July. NEVER the fourth, that would be normal... and we don't want that! Anyway, I will be putting together various snippings of that and the Scott Township fireworks into a video.

However, I need ideas for the soundtrack. If you would be so kind as to give an idea in the comment link below, and send an e-mail to me with your bank account number, and social security number. Ok, that was a joke, but if you feel like giving me money, go right ahead...

Ok, so I guess that is it. Feel free to comment, say hi on Facebook, or shoot me an e-mail. Thanks for stopping by!

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Take a Look...

Site Stats (Click For a Larger Pic)

Friday, July 2, 2010

The Making Of The JSVH...

I don't normally post twice in one day, but today is an exception. In the following post, I will detail two things, ok, detail two, say one more.

First off, There is a video Floating around YouTube featuring two 'Hetalia' Characters. It is to the tune of Spongebob (The most annoying cartoon on TV)'s F.U.N. Song. If you click on the link, you can see the funny part, as if it was made to go with this video vs. the Spongebob video.

Second, I wanted to detail about the making of the JSVH. Alternatively, it could be called "A Day In The Life Of A Video Producer."
  • A Few Weeks Before Premier: Get in contact with Jeff and Clay, see when we can get together and meet about the upcoming show. Also, update FB Page/Blog.
  • A Few Days Before Premier: Jeff finally gets back to me and we choose a date.
  • The Week Of The Premier: Film EVERYTHING: Bloopers, Real Content, Video Games, etc. (You Never Know What You Will Need)
  • Two Days Before Premier: Edit like crazy, download music, and post continuously on Facebook. Also, update the blog.
  • Hours Before Premier: Convert Video, and Upload to YouTube.
  • Day After YouTube Premier: Upload to Dailymotion and Reap the Benefits.
Well, that is what I do with my SPARE time. Did I mention that I have to keep three blogs up-to-date and I am in the process of re-doing another one?

I once was asked why I never update my own website ( I will be honest with you, and my family can vouch for this, I am on my computer for hours at a time. 90% of the time, I am doing something worthwhile, other times I am watching pointless videos like Hetalia and Trololo. One of my new favorite quotes is one by film director James Cameron.
"Are you excessively obsessive? If there is such a thing," Safer asked.

"Obsessively obsessive? Excessively obsessive? Clinically? Never been diagnosed. I'm sure it's a, I think it's in the job description for directors in general," Cameron said.
 Well, I guess that is it for now...

Back to the Drawing Board OR My Current Medical State

When I edit a website, I normally do it from top to bottom. Due to the fact that some pages are endless, I never finish. If something does not work, I take it to the dry-erase board in my bedroom and re-sketch the thing, top to bottom. You can see it in full by clicking on the image to the right of this text. This, of course is a proposed idea for the Troop site, and it didn't win. Anyway, I'll spend hours on my laptop just to fix something as simple as a calendar. Then, I'll abandon the idea, wasting six hours of work. In the end, well, you can see it right here.

Now comes that part that my mom has been dreading all day, the part where I tell you about my Friday Morning. Well, My bizarre doctor decided that they needed to test my blood. However, before I start that, I will go back about two months ago, when my other doctor decided to cut off part of my toenail. That was a fun experience that included getting jabbed twice with a needle to my entire right leg.

Fast-forward to the week of finals, when my dermatologist decides to burn off part of my hand, to remove a wart that isn't gone.

Zip by to today. My doctor, as previously stated, decided that I needed to be tested in my blood for exciting things like cholesterol and anemia. Anyway, we go to the first place at around 10 in the morning. And we wait, and wait for close to twenty minutes. Then, we go in and find out that the wonderful people at our health insurance decided to limit them to a select 2,000 or so doctors-none of them are mine.

Next place it was the same story, whacky insurance, and a doctor under a certain plan. By then it was somewhere close to 10:45. Oh, and did I mention that in order to get these tests done, I couldn't have breakfast.

Finally, we found a place that would take us, and the only catch was waiting until 11:30 to get THREE VIALS OF BLOOD. Thank you Mr. Greedy Insurance Executive.

The Moral to the rant: Find a doctor that will be accepted at a place nearby, not someplace bizarre under the Parkway East.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Post Number 50!!!

To buy myself time, this technically is the 50th post since I began. HOWEVER, I deleted some of the pointless nonsense so I could rant before my real post fifty. So, in reality, this is post 48, again. Confusing, but I think I know what I will have on the REAL 50th post.

Well, It has certainly been a while since I have updated my own blog. Let's see what is new, and what I can elaborate on.

Spring Queen 2010
On May 15th, I went to spring queen with my best friend Clay who escorted his (girl)friend Natalie. As for me, I went with my very good friend Lindsey. One of the more interesting stories is that I was unofficially 30 minutes late. I was in the parking lot 15 minutes or so early, but Lindsey didn't show up. The doors opened, and everyone but I went in. Little did I know that Lindsey was inside the whole time. As ticked off as I was, I was caught off guard by what was to happen later. I had danced with Lindsey (I CANNOT dance), and ended up with at least 5 death threats from my assorted group of friends. I guess I deserved it, but still....

Video Projects and Other Assorted Things Like That
I must have ranted thousands of times about video projects in the past. However, whenever Jeffrey quit, I thought that was the worst I have seen. I was sadly wrong. After at least three tries at another project, I had to pull out of it. I had created a train without brakes, and I couldn't go any further. Soon after, the project (I guess) manager decided to work further on this project. To this date, I have not been able to find common ground with him or his production group.
JSVH: The Second Season
Ok, so about two days after pulling out of the trainwrecked project, I got a call from my other good friend Jeffrey. He wanted to know if we could do the second JSVH season. Something we had been talking about thousands of times before. I happily agreed, and soon after, so did Clay. We plan on meeting about this sometime during next week.

BSA Troop 831 in Carnegie
I have been working tirelessly on working on the troop831carnegie project by means of everything free. I have been using e-mail nonstop. I have been everything from blogger to Google Calendar and Facebook. But That is another story. Anyway, I am FINALLY Second Class, and working on First Class. Once I am First Class, I can do everything scouting has to offer. This is my true goal in life at this point. I attended an Eagle Court Of Honor on Sunday, and I heard nothing but good things about the scouting program, and that already I am one of the 17% of boys in the US that stick with scouts.
Over the next few weeks, I will redesign their website. Just another thing on my list.

The Future of This Blog and Website
Well, I now have a permanent domain at I will have to work on that also. Until then, That's the way it is:
Alexander Popichak

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

For my 49th Post...

Well, I have been thinking. The DnC thing may work. This seems like we have a real plan, and it may last more that 5 episodes. I think we will have a blast. If you want to participate in this project, drop me a line by commenting, or sending me an e-mail.

Also, I think that the webshow business needs a monopoly. That, or a superpower. If I join forces with the greatest minds of the universe, I could have something. Then, I could have LIVE broadcasts. And maybe even show curling! And, there will be NO boring shows, or paid programming. There will be a "commercial show block." More of my master plan on taking over the world.

NOTE: This is purely for entertainment, not as an actual plot to take over the world.

I think I should reveal my master plan on taking over the world. I have nothing against the world, I just want to take it over. First, I will join with Clay and buy a novelty company. After about 30 years, we will invest our company's money into stock in Google. Then, after gaining 51% of the stock, we will run Google, and its $2 Billion Plus in annual sales. This will in turn, allow me to take over the world. So you are asking me, "Why won't the IRS notice this website and stop my master plan?" In all reality, I still have some bugs to work out, like, how will the tax collectors dismiss a $200,000 check to myself? Anyway, it is just a master plan.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

This is the 48th Post...

So, I was thinking, "What Should I Do For Post Number Fifty?" and I came up with a huge list of miscellaneous rants, lists, and ideas to do something wonderful. Then, I went to school.
Whenever I am working on a project, there is always a list of 500 things that need to be done ASAP. I would go to check voice-mail on my cell phone, and find three things to do for Dave's Wiki. Then I get four e-mails about something to send out to the troop. Then, I see that I have six pages of homework. Finally, I get an e-mail about needing to Blog on this site. If anyone has ever headed a project, they know that at least one thing doesn't get done at the end of the day. This website was that thing that doesn't get done. In all reality, who cares? I write this just for the heck of it not to answer to someone, not to impress viewers, or to get any information out.

There is a great website, that kind of sets itself off like a stalker. However, it has remained after seven years. asdfjkl;.com is a useless website, but a very successful one. It is not maintained, but doesn't need to be. It has no information, but asks that of you. Ingenious. So, that is my short post for # 48, now for 49... then 49 1/2.... then 49 3/4....

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Post # 47...

So, yes this is post #47, fast approaching 50. Anyway, every time I post something here, it goes to my Gmail's Google Buzz thing. If you follow me (stalkers) you will get these updates. It's kinda like, Twitter for Google. anyway, back to what I really wanted to talk about.
When someone is writing a book, or in my case a blog, the question is how to introduce a character. There are many ways to go about this. One would be just flat out describing them. Another would be to describe their personality. Then there is one of my favorites: introduce them in conversation, having the reader guess what the heck you are talking about. I can only look at one of my own posts to see what I do.
So I go over this list of things I want to talk about in my next blog post. I can't bore people with stories of how Dave asks about the wiki. Neither can I talk about how I wish to have a domain name but are too cheap to get one. I can't talk about how I lose a math paper in a copying machine, having to re-do it, and then having my brother pull it out of the copy machine the second that I finish re-doing it. Bottom line, I have a rather anticlimactic and boring life. I have thousands of stupid stories like these, and you'd think I would share them on a place like this, but I don't. So, I need to go back to doing basically nothing that is worth mentioning, i.e. work on a website, or work on the Troop Communications system. I plan on writing my own program to solve the world's computer problems. Until then, that's life.

Monday, February 22, 2010

So... What have you been up to?

It seems that I completely forget I even have this website, but then at about the time I am editing That Dave n' Clay show's blog, I remember. Anyway, back to the stories
It is amazing what you can talk to the person that is cutting your hair about. On Saturday, I decided that I would just sit and think while the lady is cutting my hair. Next thing I know, I am talking about the school year so far and what is going on in my world. To be honest, there is a lot going on. Dave is trying to do a "We are the World" video with 7th and 8th graders. So far, we have me, Dave, Clay, and a gilr named Raphael. I have known Raphael since 4th grade, but it wasn't until this year that I really got to know her. She knows about the blog, and knows Dave. On Google Chat (Awesome by the way) Dave thought that Raphael would not agree to this, I thought otherwise, I was right. So we have a girl singing in the group, it's a start. So the total people # is about six. I don't know if it will work out, but if it does, it will be fun.
Speaking of Dave, he has been working non-stop on the wiki, and has been contacting me just as much about it, so I have a lot to do with.
I guess that is it, and I have to go anyway. Thanks for reading, Alex

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

So... we are approaching 50 posts.

Ok, so I have been keeping this blog for about 6 months. This is our 46th post, and we will probably have 50 posts by the end of this month. However, it should be earlier. In all reality, I have been neglecting this blog for a major project. I have been working over the past weekend and three snow days on something called a wiki.
Dave has been working REALLY hard alongside me om that Dave n' Clay show's wiki. Please feel free to check it out:
Everyone has heard of "Wikipedia-The free encyclopedia." Now, just for kicks, I have created a wikipedia page for myself. Within one night, It has been nominated for deletion. That is fine, I don't need one. But within about 30 minutes of that comment by the admins at Wikipedia, some person deleted 90% of the information and added:
"fail"and later "haha he failsssssssssssssss"
so, they will delete a page, but let someone trash it without any contest. So, that's Wikipedia.
After that episode, I decided to create my own version of wikipedia. There, I have the administrator power, so anyone can edit or add an article if you have one of the free accounts:

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

So By The Way...

OK, so I haven't dropped completely off the earth, but I certainly feel like it. For some odd reason, we had a pep rally. So we are huddled together, the entire JR high, on the bleachers of this auxiliary gym above the locker rooms. I sit like this:
------BBBIIIGGGG SPACE-----Andrew  Clay   Alex   Lindsey
Then J'Quay shoves himself next to Lindsey, so we attempt to move down. Andrew refuses to move. Then Dave showed up he attempts to sit next to me:
------BBBIIIGGGG SPACE-----Andrew ClayAlexDaveLindseyJ'Quay SPACE
So Dave, being a gentleman, offered to move poor squished Lindsey down a row, so I was squished between Clay and Dave in a room where I didn't know why I was in it. Next thing I knew, the assembly was over.
The even better part to all of this is that the teachers didn't even know about this until the end of first period. Honestly, I kind of enjoyed the shortened classes. That was my Tuesday.
FYI this is the 45th post since I have began, obviously I did something right.

Sunday, January 31, 2010

So, What Do You Focus On?

When I look at a website, I look for three things: speed, looks, and user-friendly capabilities. That last one means, if my 10-year-old brother can't figure out how to use the website, it's bad. So what do I look at when I'm working on a website. The truth is, I obsess over the website. I look at content, I tweak stuff like: that isn't lined up right with the rest of the site. I see 15 pixels difference, I fix it or I go to sleep and fix it tomorrow. For example, I will work on that 3 or 4 pixels tab between the Blogger Navbar and the top of your screen. So that's what I do. And Vanessa, this whole website does make me sound  like a dork, and I'm proud of it. If you don't like it, go to another computer geek's blog.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Hello World

Ok, so this is a general first post title. Now, this website has had way more than that of a brand-new blog. However, I would like to welcome a new panelist officially. This new panelist is David Wovchko.
Dave Wovchko has a Google account, and also blogs. This his personal bio from his Google account:
I am David Wov. I love pictures (photography), Movies (Videography), and Songs (Discography) and producing all three. I am currently making short "movies" or videos with my friend Aidan (AHEM, you're working with ME too). We film using my Flip Ultra camera. We edit using the latest version of iMovie. I am mightily interested with Apple Macintosh products, such as their LED display screen, the iPod Touch (third generation), etc.
So that's Dave. He should be a good addition to this site. Also, I am getting back to my video-producing self.  I went to the cub-scout pinewood derby and filmed a bit. This will be my first video that is produced using Wax 2.0e. I will also be using new graphics. So that's what I'm doing. After all, this is my story and I'm sticking to it.

Friday, January 29, 2010

So I Was Talking to Dave and Clay Today...

It is always interesting when this happens. But really, I should start from the beginning. So I go to lunch and invite Dave to come to our table. Little did I know that having someone to come over to visit for one day would be an international incident. Next thing I know, some lunch aide is interrogating us about "are you a troublemaking group?" and then she introduced us to Dave as if we didn't already know him. After that fiasco, we were free to talk. Together, (Clay, Dave, and I) came up with website ideas. We are working on a project that will be interesting and it will be good. After what happened with Jeff's project, I'm not taking any chances.
On a lighter note, I would like to point out that this is my 45th post. With this I am inviting some of the people in my inner circle to post here along with me. The internet is too big for just one person per website.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Explanations, confusion and a 2 hour delay

Why do all good titles need three things to call themselves titles. Just another random thing to ponder. So anyway, the last post was simulcasted on at least 3 websites and anything JSVH. As you can read below, Jeffrey quit. I first of all want to tell the world that A) Jeffrey is not the one at fault and B) I kind of expected this to happen.
The Jeffrey Stephan Variety Hour I knew was destined to end after the third video being shot. After that, it was obvious. Clay didn't say anything, and neither did I. Quite frankly, I thought that we would last for the first episode of season 2, but It didn't work out. In all honesty, it was a first for all of us doing this.
Also, I do have to confess that I have been working secretly on a project while the end was nearing. I wanted to get a friend of mine, David on an upcoming show with Jeff and Clay. Jeff wasn't so sure about it. So, we will be working on upcoming video productions. Although some producers disappear for about 2 years, but not this one.
So we had a 2-hour delay, and this is how I found out
*Wakes Up*
*Looks at alarm clock*
"7:03, I'm going to miss the bus, oh crap"
*runs into hallway*
"You have a two-hour delay, Alex"
*Sighs, mumbles under breath*
and that was my experience, as with a lot of my classmates found out that we did indeed have a two hour delay. I can ramble on, but I think that's enough.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

It is with great sadness that we report to you the end of the Jeffrey Stephan Variety Hour With Clay Bodnar. As of 8:20 this morning, Jeffrey Stephan quit the show. Mr. Stephan does not wish to list a reason publicly why he has quit but wishes the best for his co-host Clay Bodnar, and producer, Alexander Popichak. Mr. Stephan will continue to work with Mr.Bodnar and Mr. Popichak on other projects but just not on the JSVH. He has known both Mr. Popichak and Mr. Bodnar for a few years. The production company, Easysites Multimedia, who both produce the show and their website, had the following to say:
"As for now, we do not know if the JSVH will do a final episode, that would depend on Jeffrey. As for a show to replace the JSVH, we have no plans to start a new show so soon."
To keep tabs on what will happen to the show please visit the creator's blog. We would like to thank all of our facebook fans, fans of our videos, people who have supported the show, and most of all Jeffrey Stephan, Clay Bodnar and Alexander Popichak.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Website Stuff

40 posts, WOW! I logged into blogger, and this was the message: 41 posts, last posted yesterday. Anyway, so this is the longest time that I have ever done anything that didn't collapse, or get ended by other people.
Anyway, Last weekend was really entertaining, this weekend, the most exciting thing was getting to talk to Ricki on Facebook. This weekend, I went to AB Charles Hobby Shop and got Decals for a pinewood car. We took down, the Christmas tree, and I set up Google Analytics for this site. For the public results, please view the revolving globe on the sidebar. From what I have gathered over the past 3 days, we had 13 visits from 2 states: Alaska and Pennsylvaina. So I guess that's it,

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Here's Something to read...

One Day after my last post (Another Random post) someone created a facebook page dedicated to the "
The Anonymous Creators Of our favorite Fan Pages." The links DO work if you want to check them out. Now, as of 8:30 PM EST on 1/23/10, there are 6 fans. So, go ahead join this group, and I did not create this page... I was away from the computer all day. So that's it for now, from the black laptop.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Another Random post

I tried to post something every day, even though no one visits this site, or I have nothing to say. Anyway, there are people on facebook that create groups. This is a premier group of people who have nothing to do but create groups for things like "When I Was Younger, I Put My Face Close To The Fan To Hear My Robot Voice" or "I drove from Chicora to Petrolia on the train tracks." I mean come on, people sit there and just throw darts at a board and decide "Oh, people think this is true" or "Oh, People will join this group." So just for an experiment, I decided to search for "banana". Under the "Pages" Tab, it said About 2,100 Results. So, you can become a fan of 2100 things involving the name Banana. Under groups, About 25,000 Results. So, basically there's a facebook group for everything, and if it isn't there, you can guarantee it will be up soon.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Post that is not needed

Ok, so I'm sitting at my brother's (we have already established this is FLOOR) hockey game and who walks over but Leyland. I bet you that every single person that knows me has heard of Leyland. Anyway, so I am trying to watch the hockey game, 2-3 at the time in the 1st period and there's about 10:00 left. He starts asking me about the high school, giving me what ifs, what happens... etc. His questions last through to halftime, (score 3-4) and into the last three minutes of the game. I am wondering how he can talk so long. By the way, my brother won 3-5 in the last 2 seconds. So that was the hockey game. I ended up hitting my head, and going insane. If I am going to a hockey game like that again, I'll take my MP3 player or a brick to smash into my head.
Speaking of MP3 Players, I had the privilege to go to the Science Center for the Science Bowl. Anyway, I was hanging out there with Greg, who brought his IPod and MP3 Player. In the middle of the IMAX movie, He drops the IPod. He spent 10 minutes, tlking to a guy at both the IMAX and info booth just to find out it was in his pocket the whole time. Poor Greg.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Well... This Seems Interesting.... (a two-parter) PART TWO

So, anyway everyone gets there. Clay is sitting on the floor, I am sitting on a chair-thing with a built-in footrest that honestly looks like something out of a therapist's office. Zach and Jeff's dad are sitting on the couch next to me. On the corner couch is Blaze, Jeff, and Justin, not necessarily in that order. We are all watching TV, except Clay who is throwing Jeff's Dog's toy at me repeatedly. Anyway, after an awkward ten minutes of playing "What's going to happen next on the TV" we file into the cars. So in my car, there is Jeff's mom, Zach, Clay and me. We have a few conversations about math class and finally get there. After about $40 of tokens and a half hour, we are filed into the room for laser tag. All of us were put on the same team, versing these random people that showed up. We won both games, and then were faced with a decision, or rather Jeffrey was. What movie were we to go to and where will we eat.
We ended up without a movie and going to Quaker Steak and Lube for lunch. Blaze had the "Triple Atomic Wings" where he had to sign a release form and he got a bumper sticker. Here's proof we were there:
So that is that, and we later played a game of Basketball and played Call of Duty, correction, they played Call of Duty, and I took the remote. After I was killed twice, they kindly took the remote away from me. So that was my kind-of weekend. Oh and before I forget, here's my wisdom for the day: weasels are people too.

Well... This Seems Interesting.... (a two-parter) PART ONE

I had an interesting weekend. We started out on Friday night. I know technically it isn't really the weekend, but it was after school on Friday, the weekend.
My brother decided that for about the billionth time this week to ask my mom wither or not we could go iceskating. My mother, for the first time said yes. So we go up to the Mt. Lebanon Rec Center. We get on skates... yada yada. Now anyone that knows me can tell you this: I am probably the MOST uncoordinated person that you will ever meet. So me trying on ice skates for the first time is a scary sight. Surprisingly, my brother (the coordinated one) falls at least 16 times. I am there, and I fall about twice. This however, doesn't count for the times where I caught myself. So needless to say, I was pretty banged up on Saturday.
That same day, Friday, my dad gets a call from Jeff's mom. Apparently, Jeffrey's birthday party is on Saturday, and I am invited. We are to go to Wildwood Highlands near Cranberry and North Park. We are to play laser tag, eat, and go see a movie. So we go to Jeff's house at 11:30. I, of course, am the first one to arrive. Jeffrey hasn't taken a shower yet and his parents are out to get the cake. I show him my source of entertainment until Clay, Zach, Blaze, Justin, and Jeff's parents come, a Rubik's cube.
I guess by now you are tired of reading this, or I have reached my limit of words, so I will finish in a new post.....

Monday, January 11, 2010

HTML Notebook

So I am in 3rd Period English class, and my friend Mikaela pulls my HTML notebook out of my pocket. She opens it up and reads it. She gives me that "This is Weird, Alex" look. She scribbles in it and then hands it off to Jeff, Logan, Mackensie, Olivia, and a few of my other classmates. It quickly turns into a tourist event. The teacher is completely oblivious to the growing mob around Mikaela and Olivia. I am seriously surprised no one ripped, tore, or scratched anything out.
I really don't have that much more to tell to the 2 or 3 people that read this. Please feel free to tell friends about this site, or comment. I love to hear comments from people from whether the JSVH or this site. Thanks,
Alex.Popichak :-)

30th Post and some reflections

As the title leads you to believe, this is our 30th post. I want to take this time to look back on the history of this and my other websites.

Thursday, July 16, 2009- 2015 Bloggers Starts

August 23, 2009- School Starts

August 26, 2009- Calendar of Random Holidays Starts

Tuesday, September 1, 2009- The Chronicles of Jr. High Starts

Monday, October 5, 2009- 25th Post

So this blog has taken the bold approach to follow school events, map everything out, and try to make sense of it all. This blog has Started a "Song of the week" and even its own calendar. This is my story and I am sticking to it. Follow 2015 Blogger to at least the end of the school year.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Facebook and Ranting

Ok, so I'm normally known for ranting on and on about computer stuff. Sometimes, these rants land on my facebook page and it drives people crazy. Since Christmas, however, I have been using my laptop. For some strange reason, I can't join facebook groups, be-friend people and other normal facebook stuff. So if you try to friend me, don't feel like I hate you because I don't respond, I just can't say yes or no.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

The JSVH and the CBVH

This is the first in a group of posts that I will post focused on the JSVH, but I decided to divide this from my usual rants and scatter-braininess.

I have been working for three months with Jeff Stephan and Clay Bodnar. We are a group of friends that do a webshow. It is only us four who film for 2-3 hours, it is only us who look at every detail on the website, and it is only us who come up with material for the show. Jeff once offered Clay to have the show with him host, Clay kindly denied. That was the way he is.

A friend of mine decided to write a script. He gave it to Jeff, Clay, and after two weeks, me. Clay then calmly tells me he does not like the script. We are currently revising it because Clay is a valued member of our team. I decide to do something, it doesn't happen. I am their producer.

I really don't know what or where this journey and project will take us. I really don't care. What I do care is that this is a group of three friends working on something they love, with a great end product.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Tales from the black laptop.

So I am back to blogging. I basically missed a whole nine weeks grading period and some great stories. I have decided to make this my personal blog. It still will have stories from school, but there will also be some tales from the JSVH, my videos, and some randomness.

Not many people know, nor care that I work on a webshow with Jeff and Clay. I am really more of a filmmaker than an artist. My videos are what I see and my how I live my life. I have made over thirteen videos, and have over 667 views to date. One of my best videos is a series, the Jeff Stephan Variety Hour With Clay Bodnar (JSVH for short).
So I go down to the place we film at yesterday. Jeff told me to come down, and so I enter the room, and there is Clay sitting there. I ask what we are doing. Jeff then said to come up with ideas. In three hours, we came up with two ideas, filmed NOTHING, and Jeff played the new Call of Duty Game.