Sunday, January 3, 2010

Tales from the black laptop.

So I am back to blogging. I basically missed a whole nine weeks grading period and some great stories. I have decided to make this my personal blog. It still will have stories from school, but there will also be some tales from the JSVH, my videos, and some randomness.

Not many people know, nor care that I work on a webshow with Jeff and Clay. I am really more of a filmmaker than an artist. My videos are what I see and my how I live my life. I have made over thirteen videos, and have over 667 views to date. One of my best videos is a series, the Jeff Stephan Variety Hour With Clay Bodnar (JSVH for short).
So I go down to the place we film at yesterday. Jeff told me to come down, and so I enter the room, and there is Clay sitting there. I ask what we are doing. Jeff then said to come up with ideas. In three hours, we came up with two ideas, filmed NOTHING, and Jeff played the new Call of Duty Game.

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