Q: So What Happened in 2015?
A: A bunch of stuff, but mainly, I graduated. What will become of this blog? Nothing; it'll just date it as my personal blog for a high schooler who graduated in 2015. I cannot guarantee that I'll post regularly after high school. I may post elsewhere under a different name, but until then, this is my blog.

Q: Who Are You?
A: [Assuming that this is some sort of meta thing]I really don't know. I feel lost from time to time, but doesn't everyone? My mission is to do good and be happy doing that. That's it.

[Assuming that this isn't some sort of meta thing] My name is Alexander Popichak, and you should click the "about the author" link at the top for more. Things that aren't there: Political views (don't ask, not worth it), Religious Views (Slickvilian Orthodox), Spirit Animal (no clue... what the what?)... Do you want to know anything else? Email me.

Q: Okay, so this blog...?
A: I started this out for no real reason. I believe it was originally some continuation of the short-lived Carnegie Web Gazette that, as with most projects I start solo with no real plan, collapsed. I decided in late 2011 that I'd write this as a legitimate blog. However, for my statistical purposes (like overall post numbers, pageviews per post, etc.) I can trace this website back to its crude form of 2009, but from 2009-2011 my posts weren't really posts as much as they were rants and me figuring out my place in writing. With that established, what I post each time is the newest idea that I have... don't expect rock-solid content from anything older than a year, because I'm still developing my voice and style.

Q: So what's the deal with the "Pope"?
A: According to Ricki Rodriguez, I am the son of the Pope. However, my father isn't the pope, but rather an Orthodox Priest. I plan on writing a book about it (eventually in my spare time).

Q: Award Nominated?
A: In Augustish of 2011, CBS Pittsburgh (KDKA) put out a contest for Pittsburgh's most valuable blogger. I was nominated, and you can read my original explanation and take on it in this archived post. This is kind of what got the actual blogging thing rolling for me. From this point I decided to post each week.

Q: Award Winning?
A: I am the sole winner of the Tyler Smith Award for Media Excellence. I don't know how that works, but bottom line Tyler Smith contacted me and informed me that I have received an award for something. You should ask him.

Q: You Act?
A:Define "act"... Yeah, I have attempted to do that, I'm not too great, but I tried... I can present, though. I presented the WCHS announcements from 2012-2015, and currently serve as a radio host for WPPJ. I was cast as Teddy Brewster in the Carlynton Production of "Arsenic and Old Lace" so I guess someone somewhere thinks I can act... or at least be semi-funny.

Q: Music Preference?
A: I like a little bit of everything... A little folk, a little rock, classic stuff, classical stuff, movie scores, some pop, Spring Standards, Florence and the Machine, They Might Be Giants, Mumford and Sons, Tally Hall, whatever you'd classify Coldplay as... I'm not a hardcore rap dude, nor a country boy, and don't get me started on dubstep... but otherwise, I'm pretty tolerant... If you're crazy interested, I've done some work for WPPJ-AM (Point Park's premier college radio station) and have played my kind of music for like 10 or 12 shows. I've recorded some of those, so if you really want to hear it, email me and I'll send you over the mp3.

Q: You announce?
A: Yeah, I like doing that... I hope to go into broadcasting professionally, and there's just something satisfying to talking into a microphone... That's gotten me into the exciting world of watching sports from a press box, and for CHS soccer games, I used to announce goal-by-goal. I'm not great at it, but I enjoy it so much!

Q: How do you announce?
A: I honestly have no clue. I was asked this recently by an 8th grader, and honestly I think back to my first game with the CHS band (an away game at Fort Cherry) and I remember hearing their play-by-play announcer and wanting to sound something like that, but not really. So I invented a style. I've only ever found one recording of my work (other than the "welcome to the Carlynton Auditorium" recording) and it exists here:

IF YOU HAVE MORE QUESTIONS, email me! I'll answer them all here...

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