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I am looking to fix this and keep it as an overview of what we did. So stay tuned. -AP

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Hi! Perhaps you've seen my tweets or posts about an Eagle Project, or read about it in the Signal Item and are wondering about it. I have been asked multiple times about it, so I'll answer any questions I can here. For posts on the progress of it, check the tag "EAGLE PROJECT". I'll keep this up to date to the best of my ability, but unless you're district/scout administration, I may be behind a bit.

What's Your Project?
My project is to clean, and generally rehab the Carlynton High School brick entryway sign.

What it looks like (BEFORE):

The Goal:
Granted, Minus Godzilla, and clipart flowers

So What's Wrong With It?
Structurally? Not much. The framing is coming apart and the words are still readable, and the brick structure is REALLY sturdy. With that in mind, we want to update the signage itself, and make it more visually appealing. The plan is to remove the existing signage, replace it with a new sign, install new lighting, and landscape around it all.

How Can I Help?
If you want to work on the project, email me at with the subject "Eagle Project". I'll put you on the list of people who will be updated on dates where volunteers are needed. If you want to donate materials, there is not much at this point to help with, but send me an email anyway and we'll see if your donation can be implemented into the final project.

Estimated Time of Completion?
It will be early to mid-November when the plants are mulched and everything finalized.

***From the Eagle Project Debrief Post***
On November 10th, I finished a project I had been working on for over a year: The Carlynton Sign Project. Mr. McAdoo signed off on it yesterday, so I feel safe saying that with the exception of some more paperwork I am done with this.

I crunched some numbers and realized that all told 35 people volunteered on the project contributing 120+ hours of community service to the school district. That's just time dedicated to working on the project, not the planning and scheming and phone calls. To say I was happy to see the project finished and to see people's reactions to it and to see that signature is a grotesque understatement.

So many people worked to make this thing a reality and I have lost so much sleep over it that I'm very happy to finally take a step back and think,wow, I did this thing. We were given a budget of $500 and accomplished what we came to do - rehab, replace, and landscape the Carlynton Sign. We put new capstone in, cleaned, painted, mounted banners to and landscaped around this thing and I think it's safe to say that it looks much better than it did.

You be the Judge:

So thanks again to everyone who had a hand in this project, from Mr. McAdoo and Mr. Loughren and the School Board to Jeff and Nick who randomly helped us clean the brick to any and all of the volunteers who took time out of their schedules to make this crazy idea a reality. 120+ hours. Nuts.

This Project wouldn't be possible without the help of:
  • My Parents
  • Mr. John McAdoo
  • The Carlynton School Board
  • Mr. Michael Loughren
  • Mr. Martin Youschak
  • Mr. Andrew Smith
  • Mr. Jeronimo Corral
  • Mr. Kurt Ellenberger
  • Mr. William Palonis
  • Mr. Al Pollus
  • Mrs. Michale Herrmann
  • BSA Troop 831 & Other Volunteers

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