Sunday, February 27, 2011

Peoples, Klondike, and Awesome People!

Ok, I decided to make a page to acknowledge and thank some really awesome people. This is in light of the recent Klondike incident. Due to legal issues, I wish not discuss details or names. What I am allowed to say is pushing James around in a sled (That is permanently installed with wheels) is NOT FUN. Also, if you think it might be about me attacking someone with a sled, that isn't true... at least as far as here goes.

Oh, and a PSA from Dennis Land:
Facebook will be closed for maintenance from February 29 to 31!! Facebook wants YOU to Share this message with at least 15 of your friends for the best chance of alerting everyone. Many people will try to login from February 29 to 31, just to find the site closed down for those days with no warning. HELP YOUR FACEBOOK FAMILY -- REPOST THIS!!

For the record, if you don't get it, you deserve to be taken off the awesome list. And, if you want to see this, the list is here.

Otherwise, check out the list. I decided that anyone that screams at me, slanders, or otherwise destroys me or my projects are not in the list.

I have to start working on this list now, so bye!

Oh, and listen to "Waiting for the End" by Linkin Park... its good. THANKS MATT!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

The Legend of Mr. Blue Sky

The idea of creating a video is simple: a one-take possibly scripted capture of time. The idea of a movie for the internet is complex: an organized collection of videos, graphics, and music. It is, as Remi Gailliard says, what we do that makes us who we are. Now, Remi does semi-illegal things, but get beat up for them.

Where am I going with this? I have a plea for Nerdfighers, Pittsburghers, and Youtubers. It is because of claims by Sony, EMI, Viacom(Columbia), and Epic Records that videos on Youtube get removed. Now, I got the following Message from Sony:

It basically says "Sony decided that 20+ countries including Sweden, Swaziland, and Zimbabwe can't view your hard work". How special.

I am asking for someone, anyone, to record a song, give me permission to basically promote you. I am really desperate here. I have great concepts, great actors, actresses, writers, but I need a score. If you want a break, consider this your golden ticket.

It is because of great songs like Mr. Blue Sky being written to large companies that the agents of these groups don't want to give permission for a mere youtube that maybe fourteen people will see. If you want to actually give me permission, or an MP3, or even want to be recorded by us in our studios, shoot Easysites an e-mail:

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Post EIGHTY and Some Randomness

Well, first off, I would like to acknowledge that Marie Popichak (aunt that I rarely talk about) decided to write about my John Green obsession, and that this is post EIGHTY since I started. You can read her post: Just Click Here. I rarely acknowledge that other websites exist, except mine (of course, does a painter acknowledge other works?), but hers is truly something to check out. Never have I seen such a website that had just about as much randomness on it as I do here, so check it out.

Ok, I promised randomness. I want to add a few things to two posts ago (the post before last): it turns out that Canadians, Justin Bieber, and Italians have one thing in common: BAD arguments.

Justin Bieber, regretfully for me, hails from Canada. I wish I could pull up a transcript from my fight with Lindsey, but it basically went like this:

I tell her my master plan about Canada, sneaking in a part about finding a nice Canadian girl to hide in the woods from the US government... harmless, right? Well, I guess not. I say some stupid things, and next thing I know Cristy (LONG STORY) is telling me that apparently Justin Beiber is the middle of our fight. Well, news for you Cristy: IT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH JUSTIN BEIBER.

Anyway, it appears that "Beiber" isn't a word (ha) according to FireFox, so I saw those red squiggles underneath the word "Beiber." Also, I decided that the part of Canada that Beiber is from is NO LONGER part of Canada, because Canada is too awesome to be a

Oh, the newest in Easysites Videos is here: office WORKER starring clay BODNAR. I am tired of embedding and re-doing Youtube Videos, so click here:
>>> <<<

Well, the next one I think might have to do with Butterscotch the bird, mirrors, and Frank Sinatra. 

Questions and ideas in the Doobly-doo!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Moving Day

No, I didn't decide to move into that box underneath I-79. I finally, after about a year and a half, built myself a desk. It wasn't an easy task, heck it took me about three hours, and the help of my father to get the thing finally built.x

So you get these things from Wal-Mart or Target or Wherever in this nice compact, maybe 2x4x6 box thing that weighs about 100 pounds. The fun part is picking it up from the back of the store, and wheeling it around the labyrinth of aisles of clothing, and the people that drive around cluelessly with their carts as you are trying to wheel this awkward 100 pound box around tight corners in something meant for moving construction equipment.

So eventually you take this thing into your house, and try to build it. It's never simple. I was forcing these little things into holes just a tad too small for that specialty part when my dad says "that is the easiest part." NOT a good sign for a thirteen year old clearly in over his head with building something simple.

Well, after forcing screws, tacks, and other thingamajigs, it turns out that you spent about three hours of building a desk. This was about the time that both my father and I discovered that we put some things on backward. Oops. Anyway, it was built completely and (almost) right about 4 hours after opening it.

I will save the ranting about getting the thing upstairs for you. Anyway, you have this new desk, and about six boxes of things that you want in a desk. Needless to say, there is about two boxes still full upstairs. Either way, I am done for now. Questions? Please, by all means, COMMENT! I run out of material easily, so help me out!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

All Roads Lead Home.

I don't know why I decided to make that the title, but anyway, its a good song. Listen to it, its by "Golden State" if you watched  [Deadliest Catch] recently, its going to be familiar.

One of the things I absolutely hate about doing a blog is the fact that I need to UPDATE it. I mean, I love ranting, but I hate typing. I will work on something for hours, and only write a few pages. Either way, I didn't know what to write, but I decided to write something.

In a nutshell this is the past week: Lindsey get mad, Lindsey consults maple syrup friend (HE WANTS ME TO build a house in Canada out of MAPLE SYRUP!!!!!), Alex befriends maple syrup friend, Lindsey makes Alex mad, Alex breaks up, Lindsey gets mad again, and Maple Syrup friend disappears. Couldn't see that coming? Well, you obviously don't know me.

One of the most interesting things that I have found over the past week is somewhat of a meaning. I attended a conference of basically, well, they call themselves "nerdfighters." Think of a room full of people ranging in age from 13-40 EXACTLY LIKE ME. It's scary, yet at the same time intriguing. This was all for a guy named John Green (who[m] I will talk about later). I found that I like these people, and they are nice.

Future plans include: starting a video blog (vlog) and starting, finally project 559 with Dave, Clay, John, and a bunch of other people I have up my sleeve.