Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Viacom Wigga Wigga and other Randomness

Ok, Viacom. Of all of those mega-companies, I think this is the one I like the most. However, there is one evil element to its happy and shinyness (is it a word?). It is known as simply "The Wigga-Wigga Logo."


Ok, I promised randomness. Apparently I have changed over the period of about a month. Quite frankly, I never noticed anything, but apparently Calee does (see last note in post before closing)...

Also, I am "in a relationship" as far as FaceBook is concerned. I don't know how long it will last that way, but I can tell you this: after about a year of chasing Lindsey, she is finally my (girl)friend. However, putting it into terms such as that means that I, in turn, have to act all "boyfriend-ly" (new term described as: "The act of one showing affection towards another 'one ' in a boyfriend like manner" [hey, I am not merriam-webster]).
What does this entail? This is exactly what I have found out: apparently all of those "awkward" things become acceptable. Interesting.

Ok, final bit of randomness: If you run into an adult when you are under 18, they will almost certainly (unless you're around teenagers or something) try to boss you around. The reason: They are the adult, you are the child (even if you are 15, you are the 'child'). So, my master plan here is to turn 18, walk over to some small child, repeat that line (I am the adult, you are the child, you listen to ME), and then run away. Yes, I now realize what Calee meant: I am insane.

Well, with much confusion, well-wishing, and some love,
Alex Popichak, Director, Easysites Multimedia Productions, Inc. Writer, the 2015 Blogger.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Project 559: A Casting Call

Well, that is a question I wish to answer. Really, I want ideas. I am not wishing to disclose information, but bottom line, WE NEED ACTORS/ACTRESSES.
My Master Plan: Get the funniest people I know to write scripts to my project. This means that I want people like Clay Bodnar, Dave Wovchko, and John Grabowski on this scripting team. However, it needs a face.
Generally, I tended to go with male actors, but really no female presence. I have one new actress on hand, a new music dept, and at least two script writers on hand. However, I need people. If you want to join, shoot me an e-mail. Don't wanna act, but still be a part of it? Tell me in one sentence what you watch on YouTube, Dailmotion, Vimeo, Myspace, or wherever you get videos at. Comment, e-mail, shoot us ideas.

Questions? Contact A. Popichak, Director, Easysites Multimedia Productions at:

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

2011, Communications, and Yelling

Ok, welcome to the 2011 year! Wow, I haven't posted here in a while.
What has changed? Well, not much. I am in the midst of the CarLynTon, BBC, and Project 559 projects. I am also in the midst of redoing ESMP. I am also in the midst of midterms, a confusing ideology, and a troop communications nightmare.
Communications is an interesting concept. It is the idea of communicating ideas, information, and thoughts to a broad group. In other words, broadcasting with text and pictures rather than words, sounds, and a camera. When I signed up to be e-mail guy for Troop 831, I had no idea what I was getting into. At least now they have a working calendar (which I need to update now) and website.
However, information needs to be kept up-to-date, and ideas are ever-changing. A schedule one minute can be changed in fractions of that. Oh well, there is the trade I am in.

One of my new favorite catch phrases is "If I do something, I will get yelled at for it!" Which really holds true for most things. Take today for example:
Troop calendar needs updated, and e-mailed NOW! I don't have my computer on, I get yelled at.
Girl named Cathryn starts a texting conversation (which I am not good at to start with) and apparently her boyfriend gets angry with me... Heck, I am getting Indianonians angry with me!
I am on the computer too long updating my blog... goodnight universe!