Thursday, January 20, 2011

Project 559: A Casting Call

Well, that is a question I wish to answer. Really, I want ideas. I am not wishing to disclose information, but bottom line, WE NEED ACTORS/ACTRESSES.
My Master Plan: Get the funniest people I know to write scripts to my project. This means that I want people like Clay Bodnar, Dave Wovchko, and John Grabowski on this scripting team. However, it needs a face.
Generally, I tended to go with male actors, but really no female presence. I have one new actress on hand, a new music dept, and at least two script writers on hand. However, I need people. If you want to join, shoot me an e-mail. Don't wanna act, but still be a part of it? Tell me in one sentence what you watch on YouTube, Dailmotion, Vimeo, Myspace, or wherever you get videos at. Comment, e-mail, shoot us ideas.

Questions? Contact A. Popichak, Director, Easysites Multimedia Productions at:

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