Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Interesting Day

Ok, this will be a long post, and most of it boring to the average Joe (I don't care if your name is Steve, or Bob).

Let me start at the beginning. I get to my bus stop and I see among Luke and Jeff, two seventh graders. Both I have known, and both were in/are in scouts. I say hi, and the bus appears like magic.

We get to Raphy's stop, and she passes up my seat. This isn't normal, but I don't think much of it, for she is Raphy.

I eventually get to school, and who do I see first but Adrian. I have had a locker two down from this guy for about two years, but today was the day that I decided to forget his name. We simply say hi, and are on our way to first period.

I am the first into the locker room, and I put my stuff into my locker like normal. Next to walk in was Donovan. I have known Donovan for, well, forever. He decides to hand me his chocolate bars for safe keeping in my locker.

Fast-forward to gym. The teachers inform us that first, you were to have had changed before the bell. He later informs us that we will be jogging a total of three-quarters of a mile. Our target:get it under seven minutes. Again, I say total. Now if there is one class I hate the subject matter, that would be it. I can play dodge ball as well as the next guy, but I can't do track or field worth crap. Anyway, I get to the finish line six seconds after the target time! That ticked me off. Anyway, it goes on, and by the time I finish, I am slapping hands with people yelling FAIL!!!! I liked that part. I didn't like the kid that puked, but I liked that people slapped my hand.

Fast-Forward to HR-PD2 Switch. That was when I saw for the first time in four days Lindsey. Now, with no way to contact her, there was literally nothing I could do... but that is my personal problem... not my valiant readers'.

Fast-Forward to WC-8. I sit down next to Clay, and Natale decides to sit behind me. Then came one of her most interesting comments:
"Alex, why are you nice on Facebook, but mean in real life?"
The simple answer is that I don't know. But I do, and I won't put that here, for it will bore the readers. My teacher then, at the end of class starts to read a sheet of useless trivia. I mean, really useless (his words, not mine). He starts on this 20-minute rant, and can't stop.

Fast-Forward to Lunch. The last periods' teacher decides to hover over our teacher (yes, the Marine). That, in and of itself was creepy, but what can you do? It is interesting to solve the world's (and imaginary world's) problems. Today's topic was my family. I compared and contrasted my aunts, uncles, and cousins with those of Clay's family. I have an uncle that lives in Alaska. He has an uncle that no one is to ever see or enter his house.

Fast-Forward to part of the reason I wrote this post. This evening, I had the privilege to attend a meeting regarding something close to my heart: Campaganza 2010. Together, we unpacked, inventoried, and re-packed the troop trailer. Now if you know anything about Troop 831, you know that is a group of teenagers that try to accomplish simple tasks by "boy leadership." I'll give an example: JUST TO BACK THE SUV TO THE TRAILER, it took six guys three tries to get it to the point where it was able to be lowered onto the trailer hitch. Anyway, I ended up being the one that wrote inventory, organized who was to do what, and how. This shows that something in the leadership program is working for me. It motivates me more.

Now, keep in mind that I am only 13, keep in mind that I am only SECOND CLASS RANK. Finally, keep in mind two things: I am somewhat of a leader, and I have wasted a lot of website space!

I will probably add a second part later!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Web Design for Dummies

What I do every day isn't rocket science. People get paid hundreds of dollars to do something like the Holy Ghost Website (See the link under "Noted Works"). If you are going to be a professional company, you should have a good idea of what the heck web design and web-friendly colors are. I am talking about a company called KielyNet Web Design. If you visit their home page, you see their portfolio. Granted, my portfolio is crap (Exhibit A), but it at least has websites listed that don't look bad. KielyNet has sites listed like this: http://www.marinereefhabitat.com/.

Ok, a day after I wrote this, before I published this, I was given the following comment:
"You will have your own portfolio at the age of 13, and you are complaining about a company"

Either way, if you want my services, let me know. Just another rant.

Monday, August 9, 2010

The Anatomy of an Average Week for Me, and The Marine... Again???

Ok, I'll start by apologizing for two things: number one, the lateness of this post, and second the crappy design changes over the past week. Now, to the real part. I will start with part two of the original title of this post.

The Marine. A feature of my blog for a few weeks in 2009. Well, I get my schedule in the mail and I see fourth name down: NAME REMOVED UNTIL DECEMBER 2011Yes, the marine. The one teacher that scared me the most, yet I liked the most. So, there might be more here pending the controversy of this blog. Now, to the second part.

Most of my life, I feel like a talk show host and a director. I try to get every angle, and narrate it all in my head. What you see on the screen was what I saw, only different. My week is very crazy, and my schedule consists of long hours on a computer, school, church, and other random stuff. Here is a typical week:
  • Sunday: Church (Maybe reading, maybe serving). Boy Scout Meeting (Two Hours of Leading, pep talks, and training (for what? I don't know YET)
  • Monday: Get up at 6:30AM, and go to school. Work sound for morning announcements. Lug around 20-25 lbs of books and binders. Come home, do homework, play with LAP. Ride bike, check communications for Troop.
  • Tuesday:Get up at 6:30AM, and go to school. Go to gym, and try to make it to homeroom on time. Lug around 20-25 lbs of books and binders. Come home, do homework, play with LAP. Ride bike, check communications for Troop. Try to schedule JSVH Meeting, Try to Schedule BBC 2½ Film Session
  • Wednesday: Repeat Monday, minus LAP or bike ride
  • Thursday: Repeat Tuesday
  • Friday:Get up at 6:30AM, and go to school. Survive combined chorus. Work sound for morning announcements. Lug around 20-25 lbs of books and binders. Come home, do homework, play with LAP. Ride bike, check communications for Troop.
  • Saturday: Do whatever comes up in the past week, and maybe do a scout outing... e-mail Troop stuff (I normally forget).
I am probably the only person in my boy scout troop that can write HTML language like this: http://www.holyghostorthodoxchurch.org/. I am the only person in my class that understands the difference between HTML, CSS, and Javascript without Googling it. I am the only one in the world that understands why I write this blog... Until then,
Alex Popichak