Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Relationship Statuses and Wal*Mart (Part One)

It seems to be a groundbreaking issue when someone changes their relationship status or, for that matter, anything else on Facebook. GET OVER IT AMERICA, Facebook isn't gospel. The most obnoxious comments come from the people that have 30 people listed as their sibling. I drew the line at calling Clay my "Romanian Cousin" there. To a certain degree, that holds truth. That is a short story, but I won't put that here....

The reason, I guess, that I decided to title this the way it is, is that the past 72 hours really accomplished a lot... I got a major portion of my research regarding the CarLynTon project, and I now have a job as a docent there on Saturdays... and I suggest no one ask for me directly, as I won't start for a while.

I also add this post for the reason of probably the first Project 559 production: Wal*Mart. I think that as a whole, the company needs to be shut down. The man at the Electronics Dept. didn't even ask me if I wanted to keep my Gift card. He just tossed it away like day old banana peel. I was overall offended. Next, the guy charged me about $14 for a few audio adapters! Wing-chow, the usual suspect. "Designed in the US, and Manufactured in China" my left foot! The rest of the trauma will be posted later... besides, the Star in Wal*Mart doesn't need to be a star, it should really be a dot or dash. They aren't all American like originally, or so I am told (It's been Chinese since I was little)!

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Back to Journalism

Quite frankly, I haven't written anything regarding journalism for about two years. That was the Web Gazette, and that was probably the defining moment of where I am now. I reversed roles, from being the editor to the writer. I decided, since it won't be reproduced, to present to you my whack at it:

PITTSBURGH, PA ,--- On December 9, selected CHS 7th and 8th graders enjoyed the opportunity to go to the Consol Energy Center to watch the Penguins Open Practice. The event featured appearances by star Pens including Sydney Crosby and Marc-Andre Fleury. Eighth-grader Samantha Y said that she “enjoyed seeing the Penguins players… I thought [the Consol Center] was nice. Not elegant, but nice.”
The Consol Energy Center is the Penguins new state-of-the-art arena which easily held the more than 10,000 students from the area in attendance. Eighth-grader Samantha Youngblood spoke to the Cougar Chronicle about the event.
"I enjoyed seeing the Pittsburgh Penguins Players" Samantha said, "We were three rows from the ice!"
Eight grader Olivia K commented on the seats of the new arena, "They had soft and fuzzy seats," Olivia said, clearly pleased with the trip.
The students were picked based on behavior, grades, and overall positivity both in the classroom and out. Two hundred students from CHS attended the event, and got front-row seats to the Penguins drills, exercises, and of course, the running of the Zambonis.
-Alexander Popichak, Staff Writer, The Cougar Chronicle
So there, I am a journalist again. Now for the kicker... while all had two weeks to put their relatively 'fluff' articles together, I threw that not-so-hard-hitting story together in one night.

Might I also mention, yet again, that I haven't written anything like that for TWO YEARS. Thank you Carnegie Web Gazette.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Project 559, or Another PlotLine Project

The Following is an Official Announcement from Easysites Multimedia and 2015Blogger:

PlotLine is the codename of all of the videos that are to be produced in 2011. The main launch/Promo MIGHT, if I can get proper permission, will be CarLynTon. Details are WAY to early to determine, but it will be a documentary created and produced by me.

Another PlotLine Project will be a series of videos called Project 559. This will be my long-awaited Vlog Series, with a twist that only Easysites and AK Productions can bring. Yes, I am teaming up with David Wovchko in bringing a series of creative vlogs and short videos to be produced soon.

Finally, unofficially, I am announcing two things that are already in production. BBC 2 1/2 is slated to get a sequel within the next month. Also, Total Randomness is now a series, officially. Simply stated, we are going to re-format and re-produce Total Randomness with at least ONE new video by July of 2011.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Christmas Lights

"Oh, Christmas Lights, Keep Shining On!" The words to one of my favorite bands, Coldplay, 's Christmas song. Not exactly the next group version on Bing Crosby, but a good song nevertheless. The title to the song is "Christmas Lights" which is what I really wanted to blog about, not the song.

For the past few years, I have been spearheading the decorating and maintaining the outdoor decorations for the front of our house. This is a long process, and it starts in October, with Halloween. However, I will spare the time, and explain the process of Christmas.

What eventually happens is that I start sketching general outlines of my house, and start with the basics: electrical laying. Keep in mind, my father and mother DO NOT ALLOW me to start ANYTHING until the day after Thanksgiving. This year, I started what is outside now the Saturday after Thanksgiving.

What's Lighted, What's Not (as of 12/4/2010)
Then I lay what needs to be out, or what is "required" that includes my father's "Snoopy on a doghouse" and the haybale, courtesy of Halloween leftovers. From there, I add and subtract what I need, and decide what needs thrown away.

As for the inside, you would think I would go all out in my bedroom, right?I have the following: one sting of garland. It drapes over my dry-erase board, and the multipurpose board. And a string and one half over my pinewood plaques and shelf.

Back to that song. I decided to put it at the top of the website. Click Play if you wish, right under the logo.

Questions, I like that! Post in the comments, or just comment.