Saturday, December 11, 2010

Project 559, or Another PlotLine Project

The Following is an Official Announcement from Easysites Multimedia and 2015Blogger:

PlotLine is the codename of all of the videos that are to be produced in 2011. The main launch/Promo MIGHT, if I can get proper permission, will be CarLynTon. Details are WAY to early to determine, but it will be a documentary created and produced by me.

Another PlotLine Project will be a series of videos called Project 559. This will be my long-awaited Vlog Series, with a twist that only Easysites and AK Productions can bring. Yes, I am teaming up with David Wovchko in bringing a series of creative vlogs and short videos to be produced soon.

Finally, unofficially, I am announcing two things that are already in production. BBC 2 1/2 is slated to get a sequel within the next month. Also, Total Randomness is now a series, officially. Simply stated, we are going to re-format and re-produce Total Randomness with at least ONE new video by July of 2011.

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