Sunday, January 31, 2010

So, What Do You Focus On?

When I look at a website, I look for three things: speed, looks, and user-friendly capabilities. That last one means, if my 10-year-old brother can't figure out how to use the website, it's bad. So what do I look at when I'm working on a website. The truth is, I obsess over the website. I look at content, I tweak stuff like: that isn't lined up right with the rest of the site. I see 15 pixels difference, I fix it or I go to sleep and fix it tomorrow. For example, I will work on that 3 or 4 pixels tab between the Blogger Navbar and the top of your screen. So that's what I do. And Vanessa, this whole website does make me sound  like a dork, and I'm proud of it. If you don't like it, go to another computer geek's blog.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Hello World

Ok, so this is a general first post title. Now, this website has had way more than that of a brand-new blog. However, I would like to welcome a new panelist officially. This new panelist is David Wovchko.
Dave Wovchko has a Google account, and also blogs. This his personal bio from his Google account:
I am David Wov. I love pictures (photography), Movies (Videography), and Songs (Discography) and producing all three. I am currently making short "movies" or videos with my friend Aidan (AHEM, you're working with ME too). We film using my Flip Ultra camera. We edit using the latest version of iMovie. I am mightily interested with Apple Macintosh products, such as their LED display screen, the iPod Touch (third generation), etc.
So that's Dave. He should be a good addition to this site. Also, I am getting back to my video-producing self.  I went to the cub-scout pinewood derby and filmed a bit. This will be my first video that is produced using Wax 2.0e. I will also be using new graphics. So that's what I'm doing. After all, this is my story and I'm sticking to it.

Friday, January 29, 2010

So I Was Talking to Dave and Clay Today...

It is always interesting when this happens. But really, I should start from the beginning. So I go to lunch and invite Dave to come to our table. Little did I know that having someone to come over to visit for one day would be an international incident. Next thing I know, some lunch aide is interrogating us about "are you a troublemaking group?" and then she introduced us to Dave as if we didn't already know him. After that fiasco, we were free to talk. Together, (Clay, Dave, and I) came up with website ideas. We are working on a project that will be interesting and it will be good. After what happened with Jeff's project, I'm not taking any chances.
On a lighter note, I would like to point out that this is my 45th post. With this I am inviting some of the people in my inner circle to post here along with me. The internet is too big for just one person per website.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Explanations, confusion and a 2 hour delay

Why do all good titles need three things to call themselves titles. Just another random thing to ponder. So anyway, the last post was simulcasted on at least 3 websites and anything JSVH. As you can read below, Jeffrey quit. I first of all want to tell the world that A) Jeffrey is not the one at fault and B) I kind of expected this to happen.
The Jeffrey Stephan Variety Hour I knew was destined to end after the third video being shot. After that, it was obvious. Clay didn't say anything, and neither did I. Quite frankly, I thought that we would last for the first episode of season 2, but It didn't work out. In all honesty, it was a first for all of us doing this.
Also, I do have to confess that I have been working secretly on a project while the end was nearing. I wanted to get a friend of mine, David on an upcoming show with Jeff and Clay. Jeff wasn't so sure about it. So, we will be working on upcoming video productions. Although some producers disappear for about 2 years, but not this one.
So we had a 2-hour delay, and this is how I found out
*Wakes Up*
*Looks at alarm clock*
"7:03, I'm going to miss the bus, oh crap"
*runs into hallway*
"You have a two-hour delay, Alex"
*Sighs, mumbles under breath*
and that was my experience, as with a lot of my classmates found out that we did indeed have a two hour delay. I can ramble on, but I think that's enough.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

It is with great sadness that we report to you the end of the Jeffrey Stephan Variety Hour With Clay Bodnar. As of 8:20 this morning, Jeffrey Stephan quit the show. Mr. Stephan does not wish to list a reason publicly why he has quit but wishes the best for his co-host Clay Bodnar, and producer, Alexander Popichak. Mr. Stephan will continue to work with Mr.Bodnar and Mr. Popichak on other projects but just not on the JSVH. He has known both Mr. Popichak and Mr. Bodnar for a few years. The production company, Easysites Multimedia, who both produce the show and their website, had the following to say:
"As for now, we do not know if the JSVH will do a final episode, that would depend on Jeffrey. As for a show to replace the JSVH, we have no plans to start a new show so soon."
To keep tabs on what will happen to the show please visit the creator's blog. We would like to thank all of our facebook fans, fans of our videos, people who have supported the show, and most of all Jeffrey Stephan, Clay Bodnar and Alexander Popichak.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Website Stuff

40 posts, WOW! I logged into blogger, and this was the message: 41 posts, last posted yesterday. Anyway, so this is the longest time that I have ever done anything that didn't collapse, or get ended by other people.
Anyway, Last weekend was really entertaining, this weekend, the most exciting thing was getting to talk to Ricki on Facebook. This weekend, I went to AB Charles Hobby Shop and got Decals for a pinewood car. We took down, the Christmas tree, and I set up Google Analytics for this site. For the public results, please view the revolving globe on the sidebar. From what I have gathered over the past 3 days, we had 13 visits from 2 states: Alaska and Pennsylvaina. So I guess that's it,

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Here's Something to read...

One Day after my last post (Another Random post) someone created a facebook page dedicated to the "
The Anonymous Creators Of our favorite Fan Pages." The links DO work if you want to check them out. Now, as of 8:30 PM EST on 1/23/10, there are 6 fans. So, go ahead join this group, and I did not create this page... I was away from the computer all day. So that's it for now, from the black laptop.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Another Random post

I tried to post something every day, even though no one visits this site, or I have nothing to say. Anyway, there are people on facebook that create groups. This is a premier group of people who have nothing to do but create groups for things like "When I Was Younger, I Put My Face Close To The Fan To Hear My Robot Voice" or "I drove from Chicora to Petrolia on the train tracks." I mean come on, people sit there and just throw darts at a board and decide "Oh, people think this is true" or "Oh, People will join this group." So just for an experiment, I decided to search for "banana". Under the "Pages" Tab, it said About 2,100 Results. So, you can become a fan of 2100 things involving the name Banana. Under groups, About 25,000 Results. So, basically there's a facebook group for everything, and if it isn't there, you can guarantee it will be up soon.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Post that is not needed

Ok, so I'm sitting at my brother's (we have already established this is FLOOR) hockey game and who walks over but Leyland. I bet you that every single person that knows me has heard of Leyland. Anyway, so I am trying to watch the hockey game, 2-3 at the time in the 1st period and there's about 10:00 left. He starts asking me about the high school, giving me what ifs, what happens... etc. His questions last through to halftime, (score 3-4) and into the last three minutes of the game. I am wondering how he can talk so long. By the way, my brother won 3-5 in the last 2 seconds. So that was the hockey game. I ended up hitting my head, and going insane. If I am going to a hockey game like that again, I'll take my MP3 player or a brick to smash into my head.
Speaking of MP3 Players, I had the privilege to go to the Science Center for the Science Bowl. Anyway, I was hanging out there with Greg, who brought his IPod and MP3 Player. In the middle of the IMAX movie, He drops the IPod. He spent 10 minutes, tlking to a guy at both the IMAX and info booth just to find out it was in his pocket the whole time. Poor Greg.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Well... This Seems Interesting.... (a two-parter) PART TWO

So, anyway everyone gets there. Clay is sitting on the floor, I am sitting on a chair-thing with a built-in footrest that honestly looks like something out of a therapist's office. Zach and Jeff's dad are sitting on the couch next to me. On the corner couch is Blaze, Jeff, and Justin, not necessarily in that order. We are all watching TV, except Clay who is throwing Jeff's Dog's toy at me repeatedly. Anyway, after an awkward ten minutes of playing "What's going to happen next on the TV" we file into the cars. So in my car, there is Jeff's mom, Zach, Clay and me. We have a few conversations about math class and finally get there. After about $40 of tokens and a half hour, we are filed into the room for laser tag. All of us were put on the same team, versing these random people that showed up. We won both games, and then were faced with a decision, or rather Jeffrey was. What movie were we to go to and where will we eat.
We ended up without a movie and going to Quaker Steak and Lube for lunch. Blaze had the "Triple Atomic Wings" where he had to sign a release form and he got a bumper sticker. Here's proof we were there:
So that is that, and we later played a game of Basketball and played Call of Duty, correction, they played Call of Duty, and I took the remote. After I was killed twice, they kindly took the remote away from me. So that was my kind-of weekend. Oh and before I forget, here's my wisdom for the day: weasels are people too.

Well... This Seems Interesting.... (a two-parter) PART ONE

I had an interesting weekend. We started out on Friday night. I know technically it isn't really the weekend, but it was after school on Friday, the weekend.
My brother decided that for about the billionth time this week to ask my mom wither or not we could go iceskating. My mother, for the first time said yes. So we go up to the Mt. Lebanon Rec Center. We get on skates... yada yada. Now anyone that knows me can tell you this: I am probably the MOST uncoordinated person that you will ever meet. So me trying on ice skates for the first time is a scary sight. Surprisingly, my brother (the coordinated one) falls at least 16 times. I am there, and I fall about twice. This however, doesn't count for the times where I caught myself. So needless to say, I was pretty banged up on Saturday.
That same day, Friday, my dad gets a call from Jeff's mom. Apparently, Jeffrey's birthday party is on Saturday, and I am invited. We are to go to Wildwood Highlands near Cranberry and North Park. We are to play laser tag, eat, and go see a movie. So we go to Jeff's house at 11:30. I, of course, am the first one to arrive. Jeffrey hasn't taken a shower yet and his parents are out to get the cake. I show him my source of entertainment until Clay, Zach, Blaze, Justin, and Jeff's parents come, a Rubik's cube.
I guess by now you are tired of reading this, or I have reached my limit of words, so I will finish in a new post.....

Monday, January 11, 2010

HTML Notebook

So I am in 3rd Period English class, and my friend Mikaela pulls my HTML notebook out of my pocket. She opens it up and reads it. She gives me that "This is Weird, Alex" look. She scribbles in it and then hands it off to Jeff, Logan, Mackensie, Olivia, and a few of my other classmates. It quickly turns into a tourist event. The teacher is completely oblivious to the growing mob around Mikaela and Olivia. I am seriously surprised no one ripped, tore, or scratched anything out.
I really don't have that much more to tell to the 2 or 3 people that read this. Please feel free to tell friends about this site, or comment. I love to hear comments from people from whether the JSVH or this site. Thanks,
Alex.Popichak :-)

30th Post and some reflections

As the title leads you to believe, this is our 30th post. I want to take this time to look back on the history of this and my other websites.

Thursday, July 16, 2009- 2015 Bloggers Starts

August 23, 2009- School Starts

August 26, 2009- Calendar of Random Holidays Starts

Tuesday, September 1, 2009- The Chronicles of Jr. High Starts

Monday, October 5, 2009- 25th Post

So this blog has taken the bold approach to follow school events, map everything out, and try to make sense of it all. This blog has Started a "Song of the week" and even its own calendar. This is my story and I am sticking to it. Follow 2015 Blogger to at least the end of the school year.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Facebook and Ranting

Ok, so I'm normally known for ranting on and on about computer stuff. Sometimes, these rants land on my facebook page and it drives people crazy. Since Christmas, however, I have been using my laptop. For some strange reason, I can't join facebook groups, be-friend people and other normal facebook stuff. So if you try to friend me, don't feel like I hate you because I don't respond, I just can't say yes or no.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

The JSVH and the CBVH

This is the first in a group of posts that I will post focused on the JSVH, but I decided to divide this from my usual rants and scatter-braininess.

I have been working for three months with Jeff Stephan and Clay Bodnar. We are a group of friends that do a webshow. It is only us four who film for 2-3 hours, it is only us who look at every detail on the website, and it is only us who come up with material for the show. Jeff once offered Clay to have the show with him host, Clay kindly denied. That was the way he is.

A friend of mine decided to write a script. He gave it to Jeff, Clay, and after two weeks, me. Clay then calmly tells me he does not like the script. We are currently revising it because Clay is a valued member of our team. I decide to do something, it doesn't happen. I am their producer.

I really don't know what or where this journey and project will take us. I really don't care. What I do care is that this is a group of three friends working on something they love, with a great end product.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Tales from the black laptop.

So I am back to blogging. I basically missed a whole nine weeks grading period and some great stories. I have decided to make this my personal blog. It still will have stories from school, but there will also be some tales from the JSVH, my videos, and some randomness.

Not many people know, nor care that I work on a webshow with Jeff and Clay. I am really more of a filmmaker than an artist. My videos are what I see and my how I live my life. I have made over thirteen videos, and have over 667 views to date. One of my best videos is a series, the Jeff Stephan Variety Hour With Clay Bodnar (JSVH for short).
So I go down to the place we film at yesterday. Jeff told me to come down, and so I enter the room, and there is Clay sitting there. I ask what we are doing. Jeff then said to come up with ideas. In three hours, we came up with two ideas, filmed NOTHING, and Jeff played the new Call of Duty Game.