Sunday, January 17, 2010

Well... This Seems Interesting.... (a two-parter) PART TWO

So, anyway everyone gets there. Clay is sitting on the floor, I am sitting on a chair-thing with a built-in footrest that honestly looks like something out of a therapist's office. Zach and Jeff's dad are sitting on the couch next to me. On the corner couch is Blaze, Jeff, and Justin, not necessarily in that order. We are all watching TV, except Clay who is throwing Jeff's Dog's toy at me repeatedly. Anyway, after an awkward ten minutes of playing "What's going to happen next on the TV" we file into the cars. So in my car, there is Jeff's mom, Zach, Clay and me. We have a few conversations about math class and finally get there. After about $40 of tokens and a half hour, we are filed into the room for laser tag. All of us were put on the same team, versing these random people that showed up. We won both games, and then were faced with a decision, or rather Jeffrey was. What movie were we to go to and where will we eat.
We ended up without a movie and going to Quaker Steak and Lube for lunch. Blaze had the "Triple Atomic Wings" where he had to sign a release form and he got a bumper sticker. Here's proof we were there:
So that is that, and we later played a game of Basketball and played Call of Duty, correction, they played Call of Duty, and I took the remote. After I was killed twice, they kindly took the remote away from me. So that was my kind-of weekend. Oh and before I forget, here's my wisdom for the day: weasels are people too.

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