Wednesday, January 27, 2010

It is with great sadness that we report to you the end of the Jeffrey Stephan Variety Hour With Clay Bodnar. As of 8:20 this morning, Jeffrey Stephan quit the show. Mr. Stephan does not wish to list a reason publicly why he has quit but wishes the best for his co-host Clay Bodnar, and producer, Alexander Popichak. Mr. Stephan will continue to work with Mr.Bodnar and Mr. Popichak on other projects but just not on the JSVH. He has known both Mr. Popichak and Mr. Bodnar for a few years. The production company, Easysites Multimedia, who both produce the show and their website, had the following to say:
"As for now, we do not know if the JSVH will do a final episode, that would depend on Jeffrey. As for a show to replace the JSVH, we have no plans to start a new show so soon."
To keep tabs on what will happen to the show please visit the creator's blog. We would like to thank all of our facebook fans, fans of our videos, people who have supported the show, and most of all Jeffrey Stephan, Clay Bodnar and Alexander Popichak.

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