Saturday, January 30, 2010

Hello World

Ok, so this is a general first post title. Now, this website has had way more than that of a brand-new blog. However, I would like to welcome a new panelist officially. This new panelist is David Wovchko.
Dave Wovchko has a Google account, and also blogs. This his personal bio from his Google account:
I am David Wov. I love pictures (photography), Movies (Videography), and Songs (Discography) and producing all three. I am currently making short "movies" or videos with my friend Aidan (AHEM, you're working with ME too). We film using my Flip Ultra camera. We edit using the latest version of iMovie. I am mightily interested with Apple Macintosh products, such as their LED display screen, the iPod Touch (third generation), etc.
So that's Dave. He should be a good addition to this site. Also, I am getting back to my video-producing self.  I went to the cub-scout pinewood derby and filmed a bit. This will be my first video that is produced using Wax 2.0e. I will also be using new graphics. So that's what I'm doing. After all, this is my story and I'm sticking to it.

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