Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Post that is not needed

Ok, so I'm sitting at my brother's (we have already established this is FLOOR) hockey game and who walks over but Leyland. I bet you that every single person that knows me has heard of Leyland. Anyway, so I am trying to watch the hockey game, 2-3 at the time in the 1st period and there's about 10:00 left. He starts asking me about the high school, giving me what ifs, what happens... etc. His questions last through to halftime, (score 3-4) and into the last three minutes of the game. I am wondering how he can talk so long. By the way, my brother won 3-5 in the last 2 seconds. So that was the hockey game. I ended up hitting my head, and going insane. If I am going to a hockey game like that again, I'll take my MP3 player or a brick to smash into my head.
Speaking of MP3 Players, I had the privilege to go to the Science Center for the Science Bowl. Anyway, I was hanging out there with Greg, who brought his IPod and MP3 Player. In the middle of the IMAX movie, He drops the IPod. He spent 10 minutes, tlking to a guy at both the IMAX and info booth just to find out it was in his pocket the whole time. Poor Greg.

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  1. LOL! I bet Greg felt like a big doofus. I'm enjoying your writing stylings, Alex. I should take a lesson on brevity from you. Me + Brevity = the world spinning backwards. Just ain't gonna happen.

    Anyway, keep up the good work!
    Aunt Marie