Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Another Random post

I tried to post something every day, even though no one visits this site, or I have nothing to say. Anyway, there are people on facebook that create groups. This is a premier group of people who have nothing to do but create groups for things like "When I Was Younger, I Put My Face Close To The Fan To Hear My Robot Voice" or "I drove from Chicora to Petrolia on the train tracks." I mean come on, people sit there and just throw darts at a board and decide "Oh, people think this is true" or "Oh, People will join this group." So just for an experiment, I decided to search for "banana". Under the "Pages" Tab, it said About 2,100 Results. So, you can become a fan of 2100 things involving the name Banana. Under groups, About 25,000 Results. So, basically there's a facebook group for everything, and if it isn't there, you can guarantee it will be up soon.

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