Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Sidenotes, and some "The Chronicles of Jr High: The Marine, Gym Class, and some Randomness"

As for friends in the website community, I have a few (Joscelyn, Sara, Mikaela) I have also stumbled upon the only person so far who knows websites like the back of his hand. His name is Ty, and so I consider him a person of interest.
In other news, my friends Jeff, Mikaela, Clay, Natalie, and I are going to be working on a joint project: "The Jeff Variety Hour [but its only 10 minutes]" so that has also what I've been Working On, so now some "Chronicles"
[in case you are wondering, I do indeed like this series]

The Chronicles of Jr High: The Marine, Gym Class, and some Randomness

As for some of the things that helped me survive school so far, I can't list all of them, but here's the one which I get most asked: " Why do you carry all of those books?" The answer is: I have three minutes to get to class, so I don't want to slow down by going to the locker every class. As a result, I get to all of my classes early except lunch, so it all works out.
The Election: each homeroom is asked to nominate a "Homeroom Representative" within the class, and normally its either a popularity contest, or some common sense (Gasp!) is used to choose a leader. In homeroom 227 [my homeroom] we had three nominations: Chris, Greg, and I. In reality, we needed four nominations, but I don't think anyone really cares. So on Monday, we get the ballot, and vote. Tuesday, no results, Wednesday, no results. Eighth period today, the PA system announces that all student government is to be at OPEN HOUSE a half hour early. There, they will be tour guides. So here's my point: If we found out who won tomorrow, one of us will have to be at open house and spend 2 hours with the teachers that just celebrated the long weekend beginning, or we don't find out, and none of us has to go.
In Gym class: we played a game of "Capture The Flag" with a bowling pin in place of a flag. When you have a large gym class (60-65 kids) it is really interesting to have two teams charging at each other for no reason. The best part: the teacher was watching us like a science experiment from the comfort of a balcony.
Just another day of Jr. High.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

The Chronicles of Jr High: The Marine, Gym Class, and some Randomness

This week has been rather hectic, as I state below, but you don't need to read all of it, just maybe some of it...
(another Mikaela Special)

The Chronicles of Jr High: The Marine, Gym Class, and some Randomness:

I haven't Posted for about a week so here is the short version: 
I stared a Fundraiser for Chorus. The Title is : "EVERYBODY WEARS SOCKS" which is not only funny but so true. The School decides to have every homeroom get they're own homeroom Representative. My homeroom has three nominated: Greg, Chris, and some guy named Alex. Monday, I was bit by a dog, but quickly recovered. The reason I couldn't blog was the homework.
I got the news that our teacher expected us to take an AR quiz by friday... and I was only 1/3 of the way through my book. That Night I read for a straight hour. I was then half way through the book.
GYM CLASS (Still Tuesday)
I had a waiver from Gym not to be on my foot as much because of the leg situation. They're idea of a lesser impact gym then playing softball was to walk the track, good thing I only have gym twice a week.
I had a (Surprisingly) semi- normal day. The people giving me grief in lunch weren't there. That day I read up to ten pages from the end.
Got the news that the AR quiz was not a huge deal, and I didn't have to finish the book on friday. More luck, but I wanted to know how it ended. Today was also the day I conveniently forgot the book in my locker, the one day I wanted to read the rest of the book. We'll see about tomorrow.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Carnegie Days

Although it really is called "Carnegie Arts And Heritage Festival" I call it Carnegie Days. It is held each year in the heart of Carnegie. It really highlights how music effects people and how lots of people who know each other can fit in one place. In one part of Main Street, you have the well, happy hour crowd. In the other wing, you had a band of a group of kids. I saw multiple people I know, and if I didn't talk to you, I probably saw you there. In the end, we just had a good old time. I also learned how much Kyle likes throwing stuff at other people. I saw some people who are just there to annoy me. In the end however, I ended up with a little glyder and a jolly rancher. The grand perspective of things from a seventh grader.

Friday, September 11, 2009

We Pause to remember...


Thursday, September 10, 2009

Good News, Bad News, and Some "Chroinicles"

Bad News: I was trashed by Sara for using HER Bad Pun Wednesday as a holiday, I apologize Sara.
Good News: This is the 20th post EVER on this website: See the special Header above until we post again.
Now for what you came for, The Chronicles:

The Chronicles of Jr High: The Marine, Gym Class, and some Randomness

Last Week, there was rumored Pep rally everyone was excited, no pep rally that day. Today, we had a random pep rally. Apparently the band and football players were notified, but I wasn't so it was a surprise pep rally in a sense. This 'Pep Rally' had no sense at all. The eight and seventh graders were sitting on the floor watching the band play a few songs (They are great!!!!) the cougar dance around a bit, and some people that really need belts. ZachM Put in in good words: "Pull up your pants!!!!!" So in a sense, Logan said that it was sort of a "disapointment."

As an update, today we played "Super Soccer" in gym, and why it is called "Super" I have absolutely no clue. It may have to do  with the fact that the ball was a red-and-blue exercise ball. Still no clue.

When we last let the Marine, he was talking to a good friend of mine about the "Communist Party Shirt." Today, he was wearing a simple turtle-neck with the word "STEELERS" on the side (GO PITTSBURGH STEELERS!!!!!) because every last day of the week is "Casual Friday." So Yesterday another friend of mine answered the question "What do my clothes say about me?"  he was referring to the fact that he was wearing a tie and nice pants. She simply said "That you're uptight and wear ties all the time" I'm surprised she didn't get the famed "Stare Down" So anyway, point of the story, even teachers can loosen up.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The Chronicles of Jr High: The Marine, Gym Class, and some Randomness

But First, here's the weekly comic for "Bad Pun Wednesday" please submit ideas here: 2015 blogger Comic Strip

The Chronicles of Jr High: The Marine, Gym Class, and some Randomness

So as the week progresses, the teachers each want a bit more and add a bit more to the curriculum, as expected.
Each teacher adds a little bit of homework/studying. So, with six real periods, and each teacher adds a bit, you end up with a lot of homework, or notebooks (Depending on the teacher.)

In Gym Class, we thought that Tuesdays were play days, and Thursdays were wrong, or at least thats what we were told. We were wrong. On Tuesday, we had the wonderful "Beep Test." This not only illustrates how out of shape some people are, it also accents the poor acoustics in the gym PA system. Some lady comes on and says, ready set, BEEP!!!!. Then it plays music to pass the time. This music gets annoying after the sixteenth time. That's Surviving Jr High Gym in a nutshell.

Back on the second or third day of school, a good friend of mine wore a T-shirt titled "The Communist Party". It had soviets in party hats and lampshades on their heads, the true meaning of a bad pun. So, Our Marine World Cultures teacher said, "I battled those [People] for thirty years, and it pains me to see shirts like that." He was just joking, but to those reading this he probably sounded serious. Now on the eleventh day of school, he wore the same shirt in honor of "Bad Pun Wednesday." In eight period, Our Marine said this: "I battled those [people] for thirty years, so whats with the shirt, seriously?" He got a laugh out of that one. A funny marine, who knew, well now you know.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Pillars of Salt, Pillars Of Sand....

As for anyone that was there for last year's graduation picnic know, the majority of people said that Viva la Vida by Coldplay was their favorite song. It caused me to go out and buy it, a really round-a-bout way of doing it. anyway, long story short, I added a widget over to the top right above the Calendar. To listen while you read click that,

The Chronicles of Jr High: The Marine, Gym Class, and some Randomness

Being me is a rather funny life, and you see a lot of random people, places, and things.
As I sit in the front left seat of the bus, like I do everyday, here come three people (who I assume are 10th graders) walking up and two of them sit in the seat next seat over, and one sits next to me,
(on the first day of school the same 10th graders sit nearby, and asked me some questions "How do you like the high school?", "What's Your Name?", and my personal favorite "Are you sure you are a seventh grade?") I am a bit uncomfortable with a full backpack, a gym bag, and some girl named Sarah (not Sara M, she's in 2015) she said "Hey, you're that seventh grade person" "Yes" "and What's Your Name" "We covered this yesterday, as well as last week, its Alex"

So, today, according to the calendar, Was picture Day. Having Gym 1st period has perks and disadvantages. For one, pictures were 2nd period, and you don't wanna be hot and sweaty for that, so I decided to go to the weight room. We weren't allowed to go in without 25 push-ups, and 50 pull ups/crunches. Just my luck.

So I guess thats it for now,

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The Chronicles of Jr High: The Marine, Gym Class, and some Randomness

The Chronicles of Jr High: The Marine, Gym Class, and some Randomness

Having a Marine as a World Cultures teachers has perks, and downfalls. I was staring at him and he stared at me for about a minute. although I am about two inches taller than he, I got that "I'm a teacher, be Afraid" look and the "I'm a marine, don't mess with me" look at the same time and it hit me: why is it so warm in here? oh, I'm wearing a hoodie.

Also having a gym teacher as a Health teacher gives a rare sense of humor and A LOT of sports tactics and stories. For once, a teacher has interesting stories to break the ice as opposed to bingo and writing assignments, its a switch.

I went to my bus stop this morning, and there I find a kid in a bunny costume. I kid you not, a bunny costume. so later in class, I said "someone at my bus stop was wearing a bunny costume..." immediately I got this: oh, I saw that guy in the library...

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The Chronicles of Jr High: The Marine, Gym Class, and some Randomness

As of now we welcome you to a new segment, The Chronicles of Jr High: The Marine, Gym Class, and some Randomness. Today's excerpt is this:

The Chronicles of Jr High: The Marine, Gym Class, and some Randomness

"Normally a teacher is scary enough breathing down your back, but imagine this: a teacher who is a retired marine breathing down your back. If you've ever watched 'Mail Call' on the history channel, you know that marines can be a bit loud and menacing. A good friend of mine asked the teacher this: 'what are you: a navy person, airforce' I later pointed out to her that "Semper Fi" (always faithfull in Latin) was the Motto of the marines."
If you need a calendar of events for MATH class, (don't ask me why, but I use it for planner vs. assignmnents), Ms Trometta has a website, a google site (Im a google account person), and it is this:
and she uses a calendar, which I will post as "School Events as opposed to the holiday calendar. I use the Calendar for Holidays, contact me or a staffer to assign a holiday,