Thursday, September 3, 2009

Pillars of Salt, Pillars Of Sand....

As for anyone that was there for last year's graduation picnic know, the majority of people said that Viva la Vida by Coldplay was their favorite song. It caused me to go out and buy it, a really round-a-bout way of doing it. anyway, long story short, I added a widget over to the top right above the Calendar. To listen while you read click that,

The Chronicles of Jr High: The Marine, Gym Class, and some Randomness

Being me is a rather funny life, and you see a lot of random people, places, and things.
As I sit in the front left seat of the bus, like I do everyday, here come three people (who I assume are 10th graders) walking up and two of them sit in the seat next seat over, and one sits next to me,
(on the first day of school the same 10th graders sit nearby, and asked me some questions "How do you like the high school?", "What's Your Name?", and my personal favorite "Are you sure you are a seventh grade?") I am a bit uncomfortable with a full backpack, a gym bag, and some girl named Sarah (not Sara M, she's in 2015) she said "Hey, you're that seventh grade person" "Yes" "and What's Your Name" "We covered this yesterday, as well as last week, its Alex"

So, today, according to the calendar, Was picture Day. Having Gym 1st period has perks and disadvantages. For one, pictures were 2nd period, and you don't wanna be hot and sweaty for that, so I decided to go to the weight room. We weren't allowed to go in without 25 push-ups, and 50 pull ups/crunches. Just my luck.

So I guess thats it for now,

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