Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Sidenotes, and some "The Chronicles of Jr High: The Marine, Gym Class, and some Randomness"

As for friends in the website community, I have a few (Joscelyn, Sara, Mikaela) I have also stumbled upon the only person so far who knows websites like the back of his hand. His name is Ty, and so I consider him a person of interest.
In other news, my friends Jeff, Mikaela, Clay, Natalie, and I are going to be working on a joint project: "The Jeff Variety Hour [but its only 10 minutes]" so that has also what I've been Working On, so now some "Chronicles"
[in case you are wondering, I do indeed like this series]

The Chronicles of Jr High: The Marine, Gym Class, and some Randomness

As for some of the things that helped me survive school so far, I can't list all of them, but here's the one which I get most asked: " Why do you carry all of those books?" The answer is: I have three minutes to get to class, so I don't want to slow down by going to the locker every class. As a result, I get to all of my classes early except lunch, so it all works out.
The Election: each homeroom is asked to nominate a "Homeroom Representative" within the class, and normally its either a popularity contest, or some common sense (Gasp!) is used to choose a leader. In homeroom 227 [my homeroom] we had three nominations: Chris, Greg, and I. In reality, we needed four nominations, but I don't think anyone really cares. So on Monday, we get the ballot, and vote. Tuesday, no results, Wednesday, no results. Eighth period today, the PA system announces that all student government is to be at OPEN HOUSE a half hour early. There, they will be tour guides. So here's my point: If we found out who won tomorrow, one of us will have to be at open house and spend 2 hours with the teachers that just celebrated the long weekend beginning, or we don't find out, and none of us has to go.
In Gym class: we played a game of "Capture The Flag" with a bowling pin in place of a flag. When you have a large gym class (60-65 kids) it is really interesting to have two teams charging at each other for no reason. The best part: the teacher was watching us like a science experiment from the comfort of a balcony.
Just another day of Jr. High.

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