Monday, October 5, 2009

Random Stuff To Blog About

Over the past few school days, I have compiled a bit of information, as well as some stories that don't fit any category I have so far.
Silver Posting:
This is our 25th post on this blog (Yay!) Which shows a few things: 1 This is a successful Website 2 There actually is something that is interesting that goes on at school. and 3 we have a list of totally awesome made-up holidays, and who else has that?
Is It Just Me?

So today in the switch from first period to Homeroom, I hear music playing. I would consider myself pretty tall, so I normally hear things on the announcements first. But today, Greg Heard the music, and Sara heard it so it can't Be Just Me. That was the trend of the day, between classes, we heard everything from "One Hundred Years To Live" to "Living On A Prayer." Which Begs a question: Who Chooses Carlynton's Music?
Cell Phones:
Everybody wants a cell phone, and the majority of kids in CHS C-O-2015 either have a phone or a some way to contact the outside world. Everybody makes a huge deal, and I know a person who loses their phone once a year. I'll be hones, it isn't something to lose sleep over. I got a cell phone, and only text 3 times a month. I mostly have my cell phone off to keep battery power. So, My point: DON'T ASK FOR MY NUMBER, I WON'T TEXT YOU!!!!!!!
Homeroom Representative
When you have a Homeroom teacher who works in an office with four other teachers, sometimes you don't get the vital information that you need. The ongoing saga of "Who is our Representative" was over when I went down to Mrs. Cramer's room and got a list of homeroom representatives. Apparently, our teacher was supposed to get it a week ago. So Greg, and Chris can now rest at night knowing that I am the Homeroom representative and I can now have some say in something. Just another day of Jr. High

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