Thursday, September 17, 2009

The Chronicles of Jr High: The Marine, Gym Class, and some Randomness

This week has been rather hectic, as I state below, but you don't need to read all of it, just maybe some of it...
(another Mikaela Special)

The Chronicles of Jr High: The Marine, Gym Class, and some Randomness:

I haven't Posted for about a week so here is the short version: 
I stared a Fundraiser for Chorus. The Title is : "EVERYBODY WEARS SOCKS" which is not only funny but so true. The School decides to have every homeroom get they're own homeroom Representative. My homeroom has three nominated: Greg, Chris, and some guy named Alex. Monday, I was bit by a dog, but quickly recovered. The reason I couldn't blog was the homework.
I got the news that our teacher expected us to take an AR quiz by friday... and I was only 1/3 of the way through my book. That Night I read for a straight hour. I was then half way through the book.
GYM CLASS (Still Tuesday)
I had a waiver from Gym not to be on my foot as much because of the leg situation. They're idea of a lesser impact gym then playing softball was to walk the track, good thing I only have gym twice a week.
I had a (Surprisingly) semi- normal day. The people giving me grief in lunch weren't there. That day I read up to ten pages from the end.
Got the news that the AR quiz was not a huge deal, and I didn't have to finish the book on friday. More luck, but I wanted to know how it ended. Today was also the day I conveniently forgot the book in my locker, the one day I wanted to read the rest of the book. We'll see about tomorrow.

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