Sunday, January 17, 2010

Well... This Seems Interesting.... (a two-parter) PART ONE

I had an interesting weekend. We started out on Friday night. I know technically it isn't really the weekend, but it was after school on Friday, the weekend.
My brother decided that for about the billionth time this week to ask my mom wither or not we could go iceskating. My mother, for the first time said yes. So we go up to the Mt. Lebanon Rec Center. We get on skates... yada yada. Now anyone that knows me can tell you this: I am probably the MOST uncoordinated person that you will ever meet. So me trying on ice skates for the first time is a scary sight. Surprisingly, my brother (the coordinated one) falls at least 16 times. I am there, and I fall about twice. This however, doesn't count for the times where I caught myself. So needless to say, I was pretty banged up on Saturday.
That same day, Friday, my dad gets a call from Jeff's mom. Apparently, Jeffrey's birthday party is on Saturday, and I am invited. We are to go to Wildwood Highlands near Cranberry and North Park. We are to play laser tag, eat, and go see a movie. So we go to Jeff's house at 11:30. I, of course, am the first one to arrive. Jeffrey hasn't taken a shower yet and his parents are out to get the cake. I show him my source of entertainment until Clay, Zach, Blaze, Justin, and Jeff's parents come, a Rubik's cube.
I guess by now you are tired of reading this, or I have reached my limit of words, so I will finish in a new post.....

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