Saturday, December 4, 2010

Christmas Lights

"Oh, Christmas Lights, Keep Shining On!" The words to one of my favorite bands, Coldplay, 's Christmas song. Not exactly the next group version on Bing Crosby, but a good song nevertheless. The title to the song is "Christmas Lights" which is what I really wanted to blog about, not the song.

For the past few years, I have been spearheading the decorating and maintaining the outdoor decorations for the front of our house. This is a long process, and it starts in October, with Halloween. However, I will spare the time, and explain the process of Christmas.

What eventually happens is that I start sketching general outlines of my house, and start with the basics: electrical laying. Keep in mind, my father and mother DO NOT ALLOW me to start ANYTHING until the day after Thanksgiving. This year, I started what is outside now the Saturday after Thanksgiving.

What's Lighted, What's Not (as of 12/4/2010)
Then I lay what needs to be out, or what is "required" that includes my father's "Snoopy on a doghouse" and the haybale, courtesy of Halloween leftovers. From there, I add and subtract what I need, and decide what needs thrown away.

As for the inside, you would think I would go all out in my bedroom, right?I have the following: one sting of garland. It drapes over my dry-erase board, and the multipurpose board. And a string and one half over my pinewood plaques and shelf.

Back to that song. I decided to put it at the top of the website. Click Play if you wish, right under the logo.

Questions, I like that! Post in the comments, or just comment.

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