Sunday, November 28, 2010

My Views

I have tried posting for a while, and I have deleted each terrible idea. Hopefully, I decide to keep this one.

I took a whirlwind tour of Oakland's various churches/temples I was at: a Jewish synagogue, a Presbyterian church, a Byzantine-rite Catholic church, an Episcopalian church, a Roman Catholic church, a Lutheran church, a Scientist church (NOT scientology, that is different!), a Latter-Day Saints church, a Greek Or...thodox church, and a non-denominational church. Nine hours, ten houses of worship.

I learned a few things. At the time, I felt relatively comfortable everywhere I went except for at the Scientist and LDS church. I couldn't immediately put my finger on it, but it hit me today why, and how I am comfortable with it now.

What I guess confused me was with the LDS church how they have prophets and apostles on earth now. My very incompetent mind wasn't able to make the connection --- to a certain degree, this is the same as the Catholic Faith, just with different names and uses. I may be wrong, but Cardinals are much like the LDS Apostles, as the Pope is much like the Prophet in the LDS church. I finally got my mind wrapped around the concept, and understood finally what I had been confused about.

Back to the Scientist church. What confused me was how they related science to the Bible. I also was confused with how they are a religion rather than a thought movement, much like the Tea Party and the Republican Party. I understood that science was how they explained biblical events, and how they interpreted ideas. I still don't understand how they are a religion. 

Ok, here's what I should have started with:
I am an Orthodox Christian, and I am of no voting party, as I can't vote. I believe in the values of the scout law, and try to live by them. I believe what I believe. I respect all, and are a friend to most. 

I wish not to talk about politics or religion, and this will be one of the last posts that I talk about religion. Have a question? Post it into the comments.

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