Sunday, December 26, 2010

Back to Journalism

Quite frankly, I haven't written anything regarding journalism for about two years. That was the Web Gazette, and that was probably the defining moment of where I am now. I reversed roles, from being the editor to the writer. I decided, since it won't be reproduced, to present to you my whack at it:

PITTSBURGH, PA ,--- On December 9, selected CHS 7th and 8th graders enjoyed the opportunity to go to the Consol Energy Center to watch the Penguins Open Practice. The event featured appearances by star Pens including Sydney Crosby and Marc-Andre Fleury. Eighth-grader Samantha Y said that she “enjoyed seeing the Penguins players… I thought [the Consol Center] was nice. Not elegant, but nice.”
The Consol Energy Center is the Penguins new state-of-the-art arena which easily held the more than 10,000 students from the area in attendance. Eighth-grader Samantha Youngblood spoke to the Cougar Chronicle about the event.
"I enjoyed seeing the Pittsburgh Penguins Players" Samantha said, "We were three rows from the ice!"
Eight grader Olivia K commented on the seats of the new arena, "They had soft and fuzzy seats," Olivia said, clearly pleased with the trip.
The students were picked based on behavior, grades, and overall positivity both in the classroom and out. Two hundred students from CHS attended the event, and got front-row seats to the Penguins drills, exercises, and of course, the running of the Zambonis.
-Alexander Popichak, Staff Writer, The Cougar Chronicle
So there, I am a journalist again. Now for the kicker... while all had two weeks to put their relatively 'fluff' articles together, I threw that not-so-hard-hitting story together in one night.

Might I also mention, yet again, that I haven't written anything like that for TWO YEARS. Thank you Carnegie Web Gazette.

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