Friday, July 2, 2010

Back to the Drawing Board OR My Current Medical State

When I edit a website, I normally do it from top to bottom. Due to the fact that some pages are endless, I never finish. If something does not work, I take it to the dry-erase board in my bedroom and re-sketch the thing, top to bottom. You can see it in full by clicking on the image to the right of this text. This, of course is a proposed idea for the Troop site, and it didn't win. Anyway, I'll spend hours on my laptop just to fix something as simple as a calendar. Then, I'll abandon the idea, wasting six hours of work. In the end, well, you can see it right here.

Now comes that part that my mom has been dreading all day, the part where I tell you about my Friday Morning. Well, My bizarre doctor decided that they needed to test my blood. However, before I start that, I will go back about two months ago, when my other doctor decided to cut off part of my toenail. That was a fun experience that included getting jabbed twice with a needle to my entire right leg.

Fast-forward to the week of finals, when my dermatologist decides to burn off part of my hand, to remove a wart that isn't gone.

Zip by to today. My doctor, as previously stated, decided that I needed to be tested in my blood for exciting things like cholesterol and anemia. Anyway, we go to the first place at around 10 in the morning. And we wait, and wait for close to twenty minutes. Then, we go in and find out that the wonderful people at our health insurance decided to limit them to a select 2,000 or so doctors-none of them are mine.

Next place it was the same story, whacky insurance, and a doctor under a certain plan. By then it was somewhere close to 10:45. Oh, and did I mention that in order to get these tests done, I couldn't have breakfast.

Finally, we found a place that would take us, and the only catch was waiting until 11:30 to get THREE VIALS OF BLOOD. Thank you Mr. Greedy Insurance Executive.

The Moral to the rant: Find a doctor that will be accepted at a place nearby, not someplace bizarre under the Parkway East.

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