Sunday, July 11, 2010

A Stalker, and Erie.

Panorama of the Sheraton and Bicentennial tower...
Those within my inner circle (and Facebook Friends!) already know that I had the opportunity to visit Erie, Pennsylvania. It was wonderful: Waldameer, The Beach, and the realization that Pittsburgh's News stations are TEN TIMES BETTER THAT ERIE'S (Shout out to Aunt Marie who works at KDKA). Anyway, I had a great time in Erie. See a picture above ^
That Second Part That I put into the Title
I put very little thought into the posts here. Most of the time, I'd write the title, body, and then realize that it is all crap, and deserves no more than to be deleted. This second part is just that.
 Natalie Thomas: Previously noted in the "Spring Queen" portion of the Catchup Article, decided that it would be funny to play a trick on me about this blog. It involved a fake blog and e-mail address, and of course, yours truly. Check it out for yourself...
Alexander Popichak

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