Saturday, July 24, 2010

Artist For Hire...

Okay, so recently I have working on Re-designing websites. Project #1 was the troop website, and honestly, now, after hours of work, weeks of obsessing, it was done. In Retrospect, I should have kept it the way it was. HOWEVER, I re-designed my father's website, and it is THE BEST DESIGN I HAVE MADE MYSELF. Before, it was an unappealing array of greens and yellows. I'll give you the sneak-peak here, because no one is ever reading this. Well, Here Goes Nothing:

Ok, So It will be available soon on the website at the top of the "before" Picture( So, that explains the title of this post. If you want me to re-design your site, e-mail me at one of the many links to the left and right. Well, I guess that is it for now... (sorry, I've been busy.... ERIE, CAMP, and more are coming... Promise)

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