Friday, July 2, 2010

The Making Of The JSVH...

I don't normally post twice in one day, but today is an exception. In the following post, I will detail two things, ok, detail two, say one more.

First off, There is a video Floating around YouTube featuring two 'Hetalia' Characters. It is to the tune of Spongebob (The most annoying cartoon on TV)'s F.U.N. Song. If you click on the link, you can see the funny part, as if it was made to go with this video vs. the Spongebob video.

Second, I wanted to detail about the making of the JSVH. Alternatively, it could be called "A Day In The Life Of A Video Producer."
  • A Few Weeks Before Premier: Get in contact with Jeff and Clay, see when we can get together and meet about the upcoming show. Also, update FB Page/Blog.
  • A Few Days Before Premier: Jeff finally gets back to me and we choose a date.
  • The Week Of The Premier: Film EVERYTHING: Bloopers, Real Content, Video Games, etc. (You Never Know What You Will Need)
  • Two Days Before Premier: Edit like crazy, download music, and post continuously on Facebook. Also, update the blog.
  • Hours Before Premier: Convert Video, and Upload to YouTube.
  • Day After YouTube Premier: Upload to Dailymotion and Reap the Benefits.
Well, that is what I do with my SPARE time. Did I mention that I have to keep three blogs up-to-date and I am in the process of re-doing another one?

I once was asked why I never update my own website ( I will be honest with you, and my family can vouch for this, I am on my computer for hours at a time. 90% of the time, I am doing something worthwhile, other times I am watching pointless videos like Hetalia and Trololo. One of my new favorite quotes is one by film director James Cameron.
"Are you excessively obsessive? If there is such a thing," Safer asked.

"Obsessively obsessive? Excessively obsessive? Clinically? Never been diagnosed. I'm sure it's a, I think it's in the job description for directors in general," Cameron said.
 Well, I guess that is it for now...

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