Tuesday, February 9, 2010

So... we are approaching 50 posts.

Ok, so I have been keeping this blog for about 6 months. This is our 46th post, and we will probably have 50 posts by the end of this month. However, it should be earlier. In all reality, I have been neglecting this blog for a major project. I have been working over the past weekend and three snow days on something called a wiki.
Dave has been working REALLY hard alongside me om that Dave n' Clay show's wiki. Please feel free to check it out:
Everyone has heard of "Wikipedia-The free encyclopedia." Now, just for kicks, I have created a wikipedia page for myself. Within one night, It has been nominated for deletion. That is fine, I don't need one. But within about 30 minutes of that comment by the admins at Wikipedia, some person deleted 90% of the information and added:
"fail"and later "haha he failsssssssssssssss"
so, they will delete a page, but let someone trash it without any contest. So, that's Wikipedia.
After that episode, I decided to create my own version of wikipedia. There, I have the administrator power, so anyone can edit or add an article if you have one of the free accounts:

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