Wednesday, February 3, 2010

So By The Way...

OK, so I haven't dropped completely off the earth, but I certainly feel like it. For some odd reason, we had a pep rally. So we are huddled together, the entire JR high, on the bleachers of this auxiliary gym above the locker rooms. I sit like this:
------BBBIIIGGGG SPACE-----Andrew  Clay   Alex   Lindsey
Then J'Quay shoves himself next to Lindsey, so we attempt to move down. Andrew refuses to move. Then Dave showed up he attempts to sit next to me:
------BBBIIIGGGG SPACE-----Andrew ClayAlexDaveLindseyJ'Quay SPACE
So Dave, being a gentleman, offered to move poor squished Lindsey down a row, so I was squished between Clay and Dave in a room where I didn't know why I was in it. Next thing I knew, the assembly was over.
The even better part to all of this is that the teachers didn't even know about this until the end of first period. Honestly, I kind of enjoyed the shortened classes. That was my Tuesday.
FYI this is the 45th post since I have began, obviously I did something right.

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