Tuesday, March 16, 2010

For my 49th Post...

Well, I have been thinking. The DnC thing may work. This seems like we have a real plan, and it may last more that 5 episodes. I think we will have a blast. If you want to participate in this project, drop me a line by commenting, or sending me an e-mail.

Also, I think that the webshow business needs a monopoly. That, or a superpower. If I join forces with the greatest minds of the universe, I could have something. Then, I could have LIVE broadcasts. And maybe even show curling! And, there will be NO boring shows, or paid programming. There will be a "commercial show block." More of my master plan on taking over the world.

NOTE: This is purely for entertainment, not as an actual plot to take over the world.

I think I should reveal my master plan on taking over the world. I have nothing against the world, I just want to take it over. First, I will join with Clay and buy a novelty company. After about 30 years, we will invest our company's money into stock in Google. Then, after gaining 51% of the stock, we will run Google, and its $2 Billion Plus in annual sales. This will in turn, allow me to take over the world. So you are asking me, "Why won't the IRS notice this website and stop my master plan?" In all reality, I still have some bugs to work out, like, how will the tax collectors dismiss a $200,000 check to myself? Anyway, it is just a master plan.

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