Sunday, October 31, 2010


I decided to even out the blog posts currently on here. As of today, this post that you are reading is #70! Anyway, I was passing out candy to small children. After a while, I got bored between people, so I started tallying them up.

This was another "Social Experiment" because the news always says what kids will be wearing... and I decided to prove, at least wrong!

K.O. Said:
-AVATAR (James Cameron) is popular
  • True Blood
  • Twilight’s Edward and Bella
  • Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland
  • Jersey Shore’s Snooki (SERIOUSLY!!!! COME ON!)
  • Harry Potter and the gang
  • The Office
  • Toy Story 3
  • Super Mario and Luigi
  • Batman
  • Super-Man
  • Darth Vader
 Well, Here are some of the actual popular costumes (2+ people, or unique)
  • Witch (9)
  • Princess(4)
  • Spiderman (3)
  • Pirate(2)
  • The Incredible Hulk (2)
  • Thing 1 or 2 (1 each)
  • Dinosaur (2)
      I just plain liked these:
  • Military Dude
  • Fat Guy
  • Horseman from some Apocalypse movie
  • Ski-Masked Sombrero-Wearing Low-Budget Ninja (ok, that was me...)
I did, mind you, see Batman, Superman, Luigi, and Lady Gaga. However, to my pleasure, I didn't see SNOOKI or Twilight or any of that whole TEAM Jacob or TEAM Edward crap.

That ends Halloween, and now onto Thanksgiving and Christmas!

An After Note: I didn't see many people that I knew... I didn't see Clay or Andrew or Jeff, but I did see my friend's cousin Ivan!

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