Friday, April 19, 2013

Thoughts from the Stage and Announcer Booth

First off, sorry I didn't write since like the 22nd of March. I was again in the musical (This year 9 to 5) and that sort of ate my time and creativity.

This past Wednesday brought forth the carnage that is set strike. For those of you that saw this show, there are a lot of set pieces. Well, we needed to make those into there WERE a lot of set pieces. Armed with a screwgun, crowbar, and old shoes, I helped destroy the set. And it was pretty fun.

I am glad that I'm putting it in my past. I realized that I love performing, but I abhor dancing and and singing at the same time. The real reason I even tried out was to try my hand at acting, which apparently I CAN do, but I'm still keeping my sights set on radio. But why, you ask?

Well, the first answer is obvious - WYEP! The second is a realization I came to tonight. It was the annual Powder Puff football fundraiser for the Junior class. I ended up, you guessed it, announcing. I love doing it, and I can't pinpoint why. I mean, everyone has that inner want to say something over a loudspeaker, right? Well, I think so.

What I think I like is the idea of communicating to others, and I'm not sure why I love it but I do. Its sort of like when I announced for the band, I for some reason loved talking... I don't know.

Sorry for the brevity of this post.... I am planning on getting back to normal in the coming week or so... Thanks for keeping up with it though.

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