Saturday, April 27, 2013

You Can't Carry it with You if You Want to Survive

So this week has been crazy, and eventful. Thursday I ventured to Bishop Canevin high school's (Which has a fantastic website, if you're interested) production of In the Heights which is this musical about life in Washington Heights, and the tight knit Latino community there. I liked it a lot, because it wasn't your traditional "musical". This isn't in the sense of Drowsy, but it was all rapping instead of the traditional, well, 9 to 5.

Friday morning I woke up early and my mother took me to the DMV place and I took my permit test. Let me preface this with saying that in the state of Pennsylvania one must take a knowledge test consisting of random questions from a book before getting a permit. Then after getting that permit and X amount of driving hours, you take the driving exam. The permit test was an adventure involving touch screen tests and it telling me that I passed with an 83% (I'm sorry PennDOT, I wanted an A. Oh well. At least I passed).

Friday night I ran sound for the annual Mr. Carlynton Pageant. I'm bad at sound. I rock the lighting boards like no one's business, but sound... Oh my. But it went well nevertheless.

So this morning I again ran the Carnegie Volunteer Fire Dept. 5K with Carlynton. I am bad at running, so I ended up speed walking and jogging the whole thing, getting a time of like 40 Minutes... It's pretty good for no prep.

Afterwards I attended the 100th anniversary celebration thingy for Crafton Elementary. I don't know what to say here.... I'm just glad we didn't have to sing Happy Birthday to the building...

All in all it's been an insane week with everything from tech to running to singing to driving. Oh my. Driving. That's a scary thought. Oh well, I knew it'd come eventually and I like driving, it's just nerve-wracking with other people about. I want to write more on it but I'm about to pass out from all of it, so until next time.

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