Friday, March 8, 2013

The Title Should Come To Me Eventually

So this week has been about "WHERE ARE YOU GOING?" for me. I'll tell you what I mean. It seems a tad bizarre that at a young age we are asked to decide on what we want to do for essentially the rest of it.

I mean, at this point I don't yet know if I have the skillset to do just about anything. My mentality right now is that college would teach me the things, but until I am released from there into the real world after spending my four years I don't know if I can do said thing.

This is exactly why I made resolution back in 2007 or whatever it was to try as many different things as possible, and to jump at pretty much every opportunity, which has left my schedule, well, here's last April:
Yeah, I dont put everything on my calendars... this is April 2012 though
So what I've noticed is that I'm doing a bunch of things, but not exactly with an aim. I recently came to the realization that I have only two years left in high school before I need to decide on what major to go to, and ultimately what career I have... AAH!

So I sat down with my mother and guidance counselor this week and basically talk about that. The fact I do too much stuff for my own health, and the whole "AAH" part. Here's what I learned:
1) Doing stuff is actually REALLY GOOD. It lets you know your likes and dislikes; my stress and the sort is a GOOD thing.
2) I can now start hammering out what stuff I really need to be doing.  
So that's reassuring.  I also talked to a possible Journalism teacher in our building about the possibility of taking such a course in high school. Bottom line, things are looking up, I just am in a place where I am not sure what is supposed to happen.

But I enjoy living in the present. I enjoy the idea of not having the future written out ahead of me in pen but rather me having a pencil for a memory and a pen for action.

I guess my life is a tad like my handwriting - messy and not too pretty, but legible. And the stuff that I do bolder is even more legible.

Side note: The reason I currently have the whole "Rock Salt" branding is a) it's free and b) it sort of resembles my handwriting.

-Alexander Popichak

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