Sunday, March 3, 2013

My Head is Spinning

So yeah, this week.

I've attempted to write a coherent blog post since Thursday (when I actually start writing these posts) but haven't come across anything that appealed to me to write about, or talk about.

One thing that I should acknowledge: the extremely nice people at TEDxGrandviewAve tweeted out a link to my perspective:

So, yeah, THANKS!!!! I sent them some of the pictures that I took, and they may post them along with some others in an upcoming project.

I spent my Saturday at WYEP, and hammered out some details and the sort about this year's Re(imagiNATION) competition. New this year, we are accepting applications for art, as well as music for the competition to be held May 4th at Schenley Plaza.

To read about MUSIC:
To read about ART:
The Application:

Hopefully this Friday I'll post something worthwhile to read, but until then my mind is just spinning from musical, WYEP, school, and just about everything else.

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