Saturday, June 9, 2012

Writing about Romeo, Pip, oh and it's SUMMER

That title means a few things. For one, my blogposts will not be regular until July. Sorry about that, but I have obligations to places all over, and have to meet certain ones.

So this past Thursday marked the last day of my Freshman year at Carlynton. I now get to embark on a semi-needed vacation from classroom work and the sort. My post today, however will be about the two days prior to the last day, and the day after that. On the first day of finals, we took a final for English. On top of it being unreasonably long, it included an essay referencing Romeo and Juliet and my favourite novel of all time, the great Charles Dickens' Great Expectations (Sarcasm Much?).

The prompt was asking to compare and contrast their views on love. Now if I had about four hours and a blogpost-esque format, I would begin by questioning What Is Love and Am I Qualified to answer that? But I didn't, so I didn't. (Sidenote: I just searched my blog for instances of the word "love" and it's like 15 posts... I think that deserves a medal or something... I have a feeling that I will just keep adding to it subconsciously.)

Instead I took on the analysis of Romeo's quick-to-love personality of being a Petrarchian Lover (Yay Context Clues making things redundant) and Pip's My-First-Love-Is-My-Only ideaology. Granted, Pip attempts to catch Biddy on the rebound and finds she is going to marry his adopted father (Weird Much?) [I am not ruining the plotline, there is none]

Anyway, I went into how different yet alike their styles were, and talked about how neither one ended up too well in the end. In retrospect, Romeo's rebound to Juliet wasn't exactly the best idea considering he is dead at this point.

The Moral? Don't go all out for trying to rebound love, and love in general hurts.

Delving further with a friend, I was talking about the topic of Romeo and Juliet. She brought up the thought that unconditional love is the thing that bound Romeo and Juliet together, and something that is dead. or at least dying.

I happen to disagree with that theory. I believe that true unconditional love is something that is rare, but in reality just as rare as it was in Shakespeare's time. Granted, we now have more distractions to blame for stuff, but it is just as alive as it was.

To be totally honest, I had no clue where that post was going. I am going to aim to make the next one about Microfilm and my Research Adventure(s).

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