Saturday, June 16, 2012

It's the Anticipation That Kills

UPDATE: So, I lied. Never got a chance to type everything up… sorry about that.

So this past week I have been spending... well, freaking out. I have noticed that as soon as we get into summer, I have this semi schizophrenic mode that I switch into. I go inside and outside, inside and outside, and quite frankly my mother gets quite flustered with this constant in and out thing.

Most of all though, this week's flusteredness has come from preparations for next week's adventure... JLT. Basically, I am going to be throwing myself into the woods for a week to get Junior Leadership Training.

The eventual hope is that this week-in-the woods will magically make me a better leader and person. I believe the latter completely. My mission, if I get anything out of this, would be to become a better person.

So with this I am announcing a hiatus, with a catch. Starting today, I will be on hiatus until July 1st. While at camp (I have summer camp the week following) I will write one mock-post reflection thing per day. These will be typed up and published on the week of July the 9th. They will be posted two per day (depending if I actually can write everyday) during that week, as to avoid my brief July hiatus due to me wanting a break from everything.

I invite you to take a look back at the past year or so of my posts, to catch up on things, and I hope to be back with fresh stuff in July... including possibly posts on an Eagle Project???

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