Monday, April 23, 2012

This Week On Re(Imagine)...

Sometimes I feel like my life is a never-ending television show. There are certain things that happen all of the time, and others that are huge events (IE, this show that just happened) that are worthy of a marathon run of past episodes. One of the amazingly regular events that is just so much fun to partake in is WYEP's Re(Imagine) Media.

This week we sat round-table style in our conference room listening to the entries to our band competition, Re(ImagiNATION).

As in classic American Idol audition style, there were some bands we loved and others not so much. In the end, we narrowed it down to the bands that will appear at 4PM in Schenley Plaza competing for the top spot and some grand prizes.

The meeting sparked some interesting debates on music taste and content and other things of the sort. I didn't say anything two controversial, seeing that I was outnumbered like 7 to one by girls in the room. However, I must say that I did agree with most of the final choices.

This little meeting with the fourteen or so of us every once-in-a-blue-Saturday reminds me of a few different things. For one, there is a group of us who genuinely care about the world around us. There are a few mature individuals who want to be informed, have a heck of a fun time, and want to share it all with the world.

It reminds me that there is hope for the world, and that I can enjoy myself in the outside world.

Returning from the philosophical, I am again returning to my regular Friday-ish postings starting this Friday.

That's about it. I'd like to thank everyone who was a part of our show. The French word "to attend [a concert/event]" is "assister" which I think has the hidden meaning that for any production to go well, everyone assists. I'd like to thank from the bottom of my heart the whole cast, crew, staff, ushers, backstage people, and last but certainly not least, everyone who showed up and made the musical great.

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