Sunday, April 15, 2012

On Musicals, and Singing

Note: I am taking a break from April 9th - April 23rd due to my show, The Drowsy Chaperone. I will post when I can. This post is pre-written.

So I was asked to talk on Tuesday when we took the Drowsy Chaperone on the road to the elementary schools about singing. This is what I wrote:

I joined the musical not because I have a dancing skill - Trust me, I don't - but rather because I enjoyed singing. I thought that it would be kind of fun to just try out this thing anyway. Just to put this into perspective, this is not only my first music, but back in January when we started practice I had never even heard of the Drowsy Chaperone.

Music is the thing that differs a play from a musical. Over the past three or so months, we spent hours in our vocal director's room running the same numbers until that room resembled somewhat of a musical prison. HOWEVER, in the end, the 46 or so of us cast members forged this bond based in rhythm and other various stuff. Those who know how to read music helped those who couldn't and by now everyone can conceivably randomly sing the entire show in our school hallways in perfect harmony. BUT we won't be doing that anytime soon because that would be weird.

Through it all, this weird rhythmic bond has grown tighter. The music sticks with you, whether you want it to or not. We've learned 10 or so numbers ranging from backup on a bluebird song main vocals about a monkey. Musicals are the marriage of having fun with singing and enjoying it all.

Four months ago, I had no idea how close 46 or so high schoolers could get with 10 music numbers. Wanna see it in person? Check out our show.

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