Monday, August 31, 2015

Straight Outta Thayer

I'm writing this in my dorm at Point Park University. That is one of the strangest things to be able to say after working so long to get here. But yeah, I'm now a freshman journalism major at Point Park University. And if you thought I was going to ease into the process and glide, you haven't been reading long this blog long enough.

It hasn't been the easiest transition but I'm loving it now. Classes are going pretty well and just today I signed up for probably 7 student organizations. I'm running for offices, and oh yeah I'm involved with the Globe.

Day one of classes there was a pitch meeting for the Globe. I took an assignment due that night - take some pictures of Monte Carlo night. Wednesday the Globe came out and sure enough one of my pictures is on the front. Mind you I have no proper training (yet) but there it is.

College is full of adventures and amazing friends so far. I spend most of my time in my 4th floor home or with my friends up on the 6th floor. I haven't had much time to write here, but a pretty great account of one of our misadventures is here: It's written by my friend Elena, who decided to cut me out of her version of the story (when you read "Cara" read it as me...).

But nonetheless I am alive and thriving here at Point Park. The people are amazingly nice and I have like no free time to write here or make this make sense. Sorry about that. Maybe things will settle (HA!). Nonetheless, I hope to keep you all up to date on the goings-on here.

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