Friday, August 22, 2014

And I Can't Fight All Your Battles for You

Those are from the lyrics of "Away Frm U" by a group called Oberhofer that was in an Expedia commercial or something. Interesting little song...

So this week I (finally) started the physical work on the Eagle Project. Sent out the call to arms, and 10 people answered Monday night, and we began by taking out the old:
It was a beautiful night to start...
A Concrete Capstone in Mid-Air!

So we took out the Redwood Sign to reveal...
Yet another sign!
So that's what it looks like right now - caution taped, moldy, and very much de-constructed. The plan was to get the electrical work in and then get it capped Saturday
This is Andrew Smith - Eagle Scout, Amazing Electrician, and friend. He's gone above and beyond, you can contact him at
Wednesday I took the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

And Thursday I got sick. At noon I drove Matt to band practice, came home and sat on the couch with a fever and chills for two hours, picked him up, and grounded myself for the night. And then I slept 13 hours. And so anything I had planned for this weekend went out the window as I've been sidelined.

Last weekend my brother had the same thing, for about four days, and self-diagnosed it as hand, foot and mouth disease. Following this trend, I should be back Sunday. I hope. But until then I'm on the mend. It's really frustrating because it takes away my depth perception (so I'm sort of wobbling around) and so I can't do much except for type here and wait until it passes.

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