Saturday, June 28, 2014

Hopeless Wanderer: Hold On To What You Believe (Yeah I've Used that Title Before)

So the past week has been a blur, as is par for the course anymore. Some things seem to be falling apart while others that I expected to crumble have built themselves up.

Crumbling? This'll be the downer, but there is something better after, so yeah. A church is the people, not the building. But it helps to have a building. We still have a building, but things like the plumbing are slowly coming undone. We have it fixed now but it's kind of like that kid kicking the back of your seat -  you know he's there, but he still kicks to let you know he's there. It's a reminder to appreciate it. Perhaps it's just a dismal way of looking at it, but that's the way I see it right now. Perhaps it's merely teenaged cynicism.

Now for the happy part.

I can now say that I have an Eagle Project proposal done. And that proposal has been signed by everyone. I talked about this last week, but it wasn't really official yet. I had to approach the school board.

Approaching the school board was simultaneously the most relieving and terrifying thing I've done for this project thusfar. Basically, I stood in front of the school board for about 15 minutes and explained my project, and fielded questions. I was well prepared from years of sitting in the back filming these types of meetings, as well as the dedicated checking and double-checking of our assistant principal. What it came down to was this: I had a vision, I wanted to make that vision a reality and what stood in the way were the approvals and a money gap. I asked for some money for landscaping and permission to use it, which I got. Unanimously.

If I weren't in my scout uniform and in front of the board and on camera, I would've just screamed. This thing that we've refined and refined and refined is going to happen. After months of prepping for this, it happened and now we are moving forward with it. So what did I do? I thanked the board, and promptly left the room, and celebrated. Then I talked with the assistant principal, and again screamed. So I'll keep up to date here on the progress, but honestly, this is great.

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