Saturday, August 25, 2012

Summer 2012: A Review

So I am on the eve of that day that ends the summer. I don't particularly like people who tell me "summer isn't over until the middle of September" or something like that... because I define the end of summer as the day school begins.

So I thought that I'd review and recap the summer that just happened. This summer to me has been like an awesome freefall... You get the rush in the beginning and then you just kind of cruise along.

In a Bullet list, here's what I did from the beginning of May through this evening:

  • May 5th 2012: Ran marathon Scout Camp, Re(imagiNATION) contest, then greeted the bishop the following day
  • Finished Great Expectations which never met mine
  • Two Marathon weeks of scout camp (two separate camps)
  • Spent 10 days in the non existent land of DelMarVa
  • Re-vamped a video lab
  • Reached 6,000 views on this site (THANKS AGAIN!!!)
  • Participated in TWO flag ceremonies
  • Spent many a weekend at my grandparents' camp.
  • Drove at least two miles on my bike...
  • Drove a lot farther in a golf cart.
...and no doubt did a bunch of other stuff that I'm too lazy to write.

This is the point in the review where I give my personal opinions on some things. I visited Delaware's Bethany Beach and loved walking the boardwalks there. I didn't particularly enjoy the more crowded Rehoboth Beach, but loved the view from atop an outlook tower in Cape Henlopen State Park. I also enjoyed the ability to google something one day, and visit it the next. Such a case is the Fenwick Island Lighthouse, which produced both the artistic bit to the left of the above text.

In essence, Summer 2012 for me was a time where I spent bettering myself through training, living partially in the outdoors, and above all, trying to live as much life as I can.

Monday marks the end of this fantastic ride, and I really hope, for my new school year's resolution (I'm not sure if that's a thing, but whatever!) that this year can be a fantastic ride also.

Song of the Summer:  Finding Something To Do by hellogoodbye on Grooveshark

So with this, I end the "Summer" tag until next year :(. Thanks for riding with me.

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