Friday, January 13, 2012

Reading - TFiOS Becoming Legit

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My Jay Scribbled copy on mon laptop
avec mon website
So This past Tuesday (Question Tuesday) Jay Scribble (John Green)'s new book, the Fault in Our Stars was released. It has been asked by the author that no one reveal spoilers, ergo I won't comment on plot. I will rather comment on something else.

Prior to the production of his book, John Green decided that he would sign all 150,000 copies in the first printing. You can see the full story as a part of the Vlogbrothers series on YouTube, but the important part is the fact that the first page of each copy is signed.

John Green had the piece of paper inside of your book in his hand, and with him as a part of history. Its kind of amazing if you think of it. The author took the time to sign a piece of paper and shipped it off to become yours exclusively.

Well, I got my copy on the 25 December 2011... due to a pre release error thingy. My aunt and uncle who the year before introduced me to John Green handed me the book... I made a pact not to read it until it became legit - on January the 10th. I looked on the first six pages - Signature, Title, Copyright (2012, making it the FUTURE at the time), dedication, title again, quote, and authors note. And yes, I realize that's more than six pages, but I read NO PART of the book until the day it was released.

I finished it shortly before writing this post, after carrying this hardcover signed book with me 24/7. There was no way it was going out of my sight... minus of course the videolab this morning, but I won't get into that.

The day it became legit I brought it to my 1st period class where there was a girl who I had known to be a fan of John Green's. I showed her the book. She just looked at me. I handed her a book like any good Nerdfighter would, and let her glance through it. I then read it for the next 3 days.

And to be honest, it was a pretty good book.

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