Monday, October 17, 2011

Local Blogger Reaches Milestone

Hello everyone and welcome to POST 100! I realize that this is only the beginning, so I don't feel like reflecting too much. Over the past two years, I have met so many people, and this blog has really been a great part of my career. We [Me, as well as my readers!] got nominated in 2011 for a CBS Pittsburgh MVB award, and consequently I have met a few new people. I recently was browsing through some of the comments on this site, and found another nominee, 2 Political Junkies. They are local Bloggers, and are quite good at what they do. Either way, I'd like to thank everyone that has helped along the way.

I was watching the CBS evening news with Scott Pelley earlier tonight, and they brought up yet another story about Steve Jobs. As any of my close friends can tell you, I have and probably will always be a PC. My world revolves around Windows 7, Google Chrome, and Youtube. I don't particularly idolize Bill Gates, but I do commend his Philanthropy. However, I will attempt to have my bias leave this post.

Anyway, the story was about how Steve Jobs gave a commencement speech (So did you Pelley) and how he talked not about his successes, but his failures. In life sometimes it is one step forward, and always two steps back. Steve Jobs quoted a magazine about "Stay Hungry, or Stay Foolish" and to a certain degree, I believe that is true. We must learn from our failures to succeed, or otherwise fail in the long run. I must leave this post to design something, but I promise more failure, so in the long run we can succeed.

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